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20 X 12FT 32MM Frame Super Pro MD Heavy Duty Polytunnel

700.00 350.00


  • High Eaves Straight Wall Design
  • Stand Up Working Space Across Entire Tunnel Width
  • Superior Walk-In Space & Extra Cultivating Area
  • High Quality & Durable Materials
  • Dual Zippered
  • UV Protected
  • Cross Woven Rip Stop PE Cover
  • Ground Skirt to Anchor & Weight the Polytunnel
  • Speedy Construction with Easy to Read Assembly Guide


  • 600cm x 350cm x 195cm (L x W x H)
  • 20ft x 11.5ft x 6.6ft approx (L x W x H)
  • 32mm Thick Galvanised Frame
  • 200cm Wide Hinged Metal Framed Door
  • 4 Rolls of Hot Spot Tape is Essential to Protect Cover – Please Purchase
20.00 15.00
15.00 10.00
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The SP6 Pro Tunnel Extreme offers incredible quality without compromise. The Pro Tunnel Extreme is one of a superior range of polytunnles which incorporate a “High Eaves” straight wall design, this gives you a fully functional stand up working space across the entire width of the polytunnel, unlike the traditional polytunnel design where the stand up space is dictated by the tunnel curvature.

In addition to this, this polytunnel has a width of 3.5m / 11.5ft (most polytunnels max out at 3m width), thus giving even more walk-in space and extra functional cultivation areas covering the entire 21 square meters of floor space.

The SP6 has a dual zipper, it is UV protected, and has a cross woven rip stop PE transparent cover. The large roll up windows complete with integral fly net ensures great ventilation in your tunnel while keeping out those flies and insects which could damage whatever you are growing in your polytunnel.

The cover includes a ground skirt for you to securely anchor or weigh down your polytunnel to help keep it secure during high winds.

This high quality and durable polytunnel benefits from a fully galvanised 32mm diameter frame (inferior versions use a 25mm diameter frame), a strong wall thickness tube, a full wall height maximum brace – also known as “shoulder to the floor” giving you the maximum possible working and cultivation space in your polytunnel.

The robust 100cm wide metal framed and hinged front door completes this structure, you will not find a better build quality polytunnel anywhere else. The SP6 Pro Tunnel Extreme is as good as they get, providing perfect growing conditions for most plants, ensuring you get beautiful, healthy fruit etc from your own garden.

Don’t forget to buy your hot spot tape too, it is essential and you will need 6 rolls of our hot spot tape to protect your cover.

Please note that temperature changes and moisture in the air can cause condensation or dew to appear inside and/or outside of the polytunnel. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that your polytunnel is leaking.


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