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The sophistication and elegance of marquees are what makes them so desirable for any type of event in Ireland Marquees have come a long way in history since the French invented the name way back in the 1600s! The mixture of convenience and practicality makes Marquees one of the most popular party essentials.
Marquees have become a staple for Irish people who want the cost saving of having an event in their own back garden or somewhere in the community. You can control everything and are not hit with any booking issues, increases in costs etc. You don’t have to shop around to bunches of hotels, trying to get the right date. With your own Marquee, any date is the right one. All of our Marquees come with
a 12 Month Warranty and delivery is FREE anywhere in the 32 counties of Ireland.
There are numerous benefits to having a marquee for any outdoor gathering, including weddings, corporate events, and other similar gatherings.
Here are our top 10 reasons to use a marquee for your upcoming backyard event. After reading this, it will be impossible for you to imagine your backyard party without one of our stunning marquees!
Marquees… Obtainable or not accessible? Let’s get right to the point as soon as possible! You’ll need to hire a location or area to host the event, whether you’re organizing a wedding or just a regular party. Calculating the cost of renting a location would reveal that you would likely wind up shelling out a substantial sum of money. You will either need to pay for the venue while leaving the expense of the drinks to the guests, or you will be on an arrangement based on beverage costs. Not to add the price of food, required security, entertainment, and more—all at the markup charged by the venue! You will then be on the hook for thousands.
Now evaluate it against the price of buying a marquee! Reduce your expenses by buying an marquee from as little as €570. We take the stress out of party planning and can set up anywhere, leaving you free to focus on having a good time.  Plus, you get to use it again and again and again. Your friends and family can also use it.
For a moment, close your eyes and visualize this. Coming up is your son’s 21st birthday, and you already have a fantastic back garden setup that can hold more than 100 guests. He wants this party to be the biggest thing that Ireland has ever seen! You can transform your current environment from whatever it was to something like this with the help of our marquees, though.
The wonderful thing about having a marquee at your event is that you can create a totally different mood inside of it as if it were the interior of your brand-new home, regardless of the type of area you place it in. Additionally, there is sufficient space to include everything you can think of, such as a band stage or a LED dance floor.
Marquees provide you the opportunity to take in the sights of Ireland while choosing a place for your party. It seems preferable to set up a marquee and take in the countryside or the beach views as opposed to being confined to a smoky restaurant or bar, doesn’t it?
Imagine that you have reserved a venue in the city for a Saturday night event, and everyone is having a great time. It’s bustling with enthusiasm, but before you know it, it’s already midnight. The celebration ends at 12 a.m. per venue restrictions, and after that time, nobody wants to “kick on” and head to a club.
The purpose of renting a marquee is to continue offering outstanding hospitality at your backyard gathering! The party has no time restriction, giving you more time to celebrate with the people who matter most to you. What’s better, then? If you add some inflatable beds, you may create a huge sleeping area for visitors who may have partied a bit. Maybe make sure that your neighbours are ok with it also, beforehand.
You have complete control over what you do and when you do it when renting a tent and setting it up in a backyard setting in Ireland.
You might as well prepare your event at home given the present laws and regulations in Ireland on late-night drinking, smoking, public disturbance, fire restrictions, venue limits, and everything else.
Think about it this way: why limit yourself if you know the party will last into 12AM? You can only do these things in your own personal space if you want to have a bonfire in the backyard, smoke whatever much you want, or consume however much alcohol you want.
It’s fantastic to be able to choose the aesthetic of your event, but it’s much better to be able to choose the design and colour of your marquee! You can also take in the sunset and observe the stars as they emerge in the night sky! Any of these solutions will guarantee that your backyard party will be a success. For example, the 40x20ft, the 27x13ft etc.
There is more surface area for partying uninterrupted when your tent and home are adjacent to one another! You should aim to have guests mingle and engage in conversation with one another. By attaching a marquee, you are bringing two separate spaces under the same roof and encouraging guests to interact and join in on the fun. Do they actually have a choice, after all?
You can fit as many people inside as feasible using a variety of marquee types, open configurations, and enclosed layouts. When there is too much space accessible, parties can sometimes be a freezing awkward experience.
By offering alternatives that may fit a specific number of groups or the amount of space needed, our marquees ensure that the party is tightly knit. You can ensure that the marquee of your choice is “not too big, not too tiny, but just perfect.”

27×13 Feet Commercial Marquee. View Here.
Whether your event is in the summer or the winter, marquees are an excellent alternative for weather protection, especially in Ireland where we may experience all four seasons in a single day!
It is a good idea to keep in mind that when buying a marquee, you should consider the marquee’s quality. You might be able to get away with buying a less expensive marquee if your event is modest, but if you want a high-end wedding marquee that will protect you from almost any weather, you should look at some of our high end options.

The beauty of holding weddings, birthday parties, or any other kind of event is that everyone’s friends and family are present in one place to celebrate a momentous occasion. It’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere based on the day’s demographics, and by including a marquee, you’ll have the freedom to manage and shape the setting to your liking.
With marquees, you can create the equivalent of an additional room, but if that’s not enough, you have the choice to set up the marquee nearby as an addition, creating a cozy, homey atmosphere.
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