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Since the 26th of April ’23, we offer a 3-year motor Warranty on all new Treadmills purchased from this date forward. As if that is not enough, we offer a Lifetime Frame Guarantee. This is on top of the existing 2 Year Product Warranty. All Warranties are directly with us so if you ever need spares, repairs or even just some advice, you will deal directly with us.

Best Treadmills for Runners

Treadmills provide a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor. We offer a wide range of treadmills that includes motorised, foldable, heavy-duty treadmills, etc. Our products are designed to suit all level of users, from beginners to experienced sportspeople. All units come with an LCD display that shows calories burnt, distance, time, heart rate, etc. Our next-generation treadmills also come with a tablet inbuilt into them, so you can enjoy watching Netflix, YouTube, etc as you work out. Our treadmills are the highest quality, built to last, at very competitive prices and you will not find better value in the Irish market. Have a look at our latest models above this article.

Running on a treadmill is the best way to keep fit. Sometimes it’s hard to go for a run when the weather is typically Irish weather, so why not start running on a treadmill to help with your fitness levels. Avoid those dark, windy, pothole-filled rural roads or the urban roads with no footpaths, buses, and lots of traffic.

We have different treadmills to suit different needs. Check out our range of high-performance treadmills below

C- 100 Commercial Treadmill

C- 99 Commercial Treadmill

C-72 Commercial

C-66 Commercial Treadmill

C-44 Commercial Treadmill


Power Track 6000

GT-PRO 6000

Your cardio sessions will be extra efficient if you opt for the latest models with multi-features to keep you focused while burning calories. Why not consider our T-44 ULTRA treadmill? With all of the features you need, you are able to enjoy your favorite media with integrated audio and tablet as well.

The Guide to Buying a Treadmill – Buy the Best Treadmills in Ireland

So you are looking to buy a treadmill? Well, you have come to the right place, whether you are looking for a cheap treadmill, the best treadmill for home use or you don’t know what you are looking for and just want the best treadmill. We have had treadmills for sale, online, in Ireland, for over 12 years and we have a wide variety of products available at prices that you will not beat. Our products are exclusive to us in the Irish market and you cannot get them from anyone else.

All of our treadmills are designed for home use and they are all foldable. This means that if you are stuck for space, they can easily be folded away. They all have wheels also which makes it easy to move them around.

All of our new treadmills

Have FREE delivery
Are foldable *except the T33 Ultra
Have wheels to move them around
Have safety features
Electronic display showing calories burned etc
Have a 2 Year warranty
Rests for hands

Entry Level Treadmills

These would include the GT-PRO 500, POWER TRACK 500, POWER TRACK 1000, POWER TRACK 3000, Easystore and   T23 Space Saver  These are good quality treadmills and offer a walker anything they need and they are suitable for some light running.

Mid Range Treadmills

These would include T-44 ULTRA, GT-PRO 3000, GT-PRO 4000, GT-PRO 5000, and POWER TRACK 4000 BLUETOOTH.   With these treadmills, these are suitable for the majority of people who want to walk or run on a home treadmill and want a decent-sized runway with the addition of extra weight to help with stability.

Top End Treadmills

These would include the

C- 100 Commercial Treadmill

C- 99 Commercial Treadmill,

C-72 Commercial

C-66 Commercial Treadmill,

C-44 Commercial Treadmill,


Power Track 6000, and GT-PRO 6000.

Like anything, the more you pay, the more you get. They are seen as a sports treadmills.  What you get with these models is:

A heavier weight which offers improved stability
Wider and longer runways
Inclines, set, and automatic
More programs


Always seek medical advice before beginning a training or exercise regime.


Size: Always look for a treadmill that can easily fold.
Top speed: Whether you run fast or not on a treadmill, you always want to ensure that the treadmill reaches a decent speed and fulfills your needs to burn calories.
Cost: Always look for a Treadmill based on its quality and features, not just the price tag. A treadmill is a long-term investment that makes you fit and healthy. Additional features can help you do that.

Treadmill Workouts

Treadmills are an excellent option for anyone looking to lose weight. It may appear to be a “cliché” that may be found in running books or articles, but it is real if you know all the details.

I need to inform you about the “goal heart rate” and “fat-burning zone” before I explain how treadmills can help you in this quest.

Your desired heart rate should be between 60% and 90% of your maximum heart rate. And your fat-burning zone should be between 75% and 90% of your desired heart rate.

The rule is simple: if you want to lose weight by running, make sure your heart rate is in the fat-burning zone while you exercise (for a minimum of 30 minutes).

If you wish to compute the value of the target heart rate on your own, all you need is your maximum heart rate, which may be calculated using the following general formulas:

Men’s maximum heart rate = 220 – age

226 – age = maximum heart rate for women

You can also find out your maximal heart rate and target heart rate after consulting with your doctor.

If you’re a novice, your initial priority should be to improve your endurance and aerobic fitness. After 3-4 weeks of training, you should be able to increase the intensity and effectively perform treadmill weight-loss routines.

Workout for Beginners

20-minute run time

How frequently: 3–4 times per week

Warm-up and cool-down heart rates should be between 55 and 65 percent of the maximum heart rate.

During exercise, your target heart rate should be between 65 and 75 percent of your maximal heart rate.

Workout for Intermediates

30-minute duration

How frequently: 4-5 times each week

How long will it take: 3-4 weeks

Warm-up and cool-down heart rates should be between 55 and 65 percent of the maximum heart rate.

During exercise, your target heart rate should be between 75% and 85% of your maximum heart rate.

You’re in good form right now, but you can do even better. It’s time you tried an exercise that raised your target heart rate to 80%-90% of your maximal heart rate (which is the most efficient weight-loss target zone).

Workout for More Advanced Runners

40-minute run time (minimum)

How frequently: 4-5 times each week

How long will it take: 3-4 weeks

Warm-up and cool-down heart rates should be between 55 and 65 percent of the maximum heart rate.

During exercise, your target heart rate should be between 80% and 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Ok, you are all set. Just follow the below:

Always hydrate
Always stretch
Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort
Don’t push too hard, increase in increments
Know your limits
Seek medical advice before starting

If you’re looking for the best treadmill for home use in Ireland, is the best place to buy gym equipment in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in a treadmill?

Size: While running on a treadmill in the house, you always want to have a room where you can quickly leave the treadmill permanently unfolded. Always look for a treadmill that can easily fold.
Top speed: Whether you run fast or not on a treadmill, you always want to ensure whether the treadmill reaches on Top speed and fulfills your needs to burn calories.
Cost: Always look for a treadmill judging its quality and features, not with the price tag. A treadmill is a long-term investment that makes you fit and healthy. It is necessary to buy a treadmill that has all the updated features.

Which treadmill is best for me?

Ask yourself the following questions and that will tell you which features your require. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Paying more means a heavier, larger and therefore more stable and more comfortable machine to use. You will also get more features.

Who will be using the treadmill?
Are they in a sports team and would they need the treadmill to have the ability to reach high speeds?
Will you be running or just walking? Running requires a sturdier treadmill.
Are you happy with no incline, a manual incline or do you need an automatic one where you can make adjustments as you run?
How much space do you have for storage? Note that all of’s treadmills fold up for storage purpose. The high end ones have a hydraulic, kick style system for lowering the treadmill for use.

What is a Next Generation Treadmill?

These are the latest models of treadmills. All treadmills, no matter how much you spend on them will provide you with a number of basic features which are a monitor to show you how long and/or fast you have run/walked and a basic runway with a belt that moves around, allowing you to run/walk. A motor drives this belt.

Additional features to these would be safety magnets, handlebars for safety, pulse sensors, the ability to fold and speakers. All of our models feature these elements (except for the Power Track 500 which does not have speakers).

What differentiates the more expensive models would be features such as an Automated Incline, cup and/or tablet holders, wider and longer runways, the ability to take higher user weights, larger motors. Next Gen models additional features are listed under the next question.

What extra features do the Next Generation Treadmills have?

The Next Generation models such as our C-99, C-66, C-44, T-55, T-44, T-33( non foldable)  and the EasyStore, have even more features than the basic and advanced features that can include:

Automated lubrication
Cushion Systems with Oil Pressure Shock Reducing Springs
Colour Touchscreen, built in Tablet to allow you to view videos and other media
High Quality, built-in speakers
USB Auxiliary
Larger Motors
Wider running area/runway
Enhanced design
ITM Sport branded
Can take a larger maximum user weight

*Information correct as of 19/07/22

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