Rabbit Hutches

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A rabbit hutch and cage are essential buys for you if you have rabbits as your pets. Are you wondering how these two differ from one another?

A rabbit cage is a simple bar enclosure for pet rabbits and is generally designed for indoor usage. However, it does not provide shelter from external weather conditions as it comes without any covering. So, if you plan to keep your rabbit indoors, then go for an adequately sized cage that provides comfort to your pet. At inthemarket.ie, you can find the largest variety of rabbit cages Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gate size the same in all the rabbit hutches?

No, there are several gate sizes available in hutches. However, you should check the door dimensions beforehand. At Intermarket.ie, we have designed hutches with large doors to provide an easy in-out movement to your bunnies.

What door size should I choose?

The criteria to choose the door size is simple. Understand the breed of rabbits you own and how big they get when fully grown. The full-grown size of your rabbits will help you in selecting the right door size for the hutch. Apart from the bunny’s size, you should also consider the size of toys, litter box, and any other accessories that you will put in the hutch. If you are on a hunt for the best rabbit hutch Ireland, consider inthemarket.ie, where you will find a large variety of hutches at reasonable prices.

Where should I place the rabbit hutch?

A hutch is designed to fit outside and provide a natural habitat to your bunnies. Rabbits don’t like much light; therefore, they prefer to come out only during dusk and dawn. Therefore, you should place the hutch in a semi-shaded location. Please make sure to keep the hiding, and sleeping portion in the shade, protected from rain, snow, and extreme climate conditions.

The wired part of the hutch should have access to both the sunlight and the shade. Please make sure not to keep any material near the hutch that may be dangerous for the rabbit to ingest because they chew on almost everything that they find near them.

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