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Provide a secure environment to your pets with large walk-in hen runs available at inthemarket.ie. Hen runs will be the perfect home for your pets and help keep them safe in your absence. You can buy the best hen runs for sale in Ireland at inthemarket.ie.

At our online store you get a multitude of options to choose from! Hen runs are available in different sizes so you can opt for a perfect one that best suits the requirements of your pets. Additionally, these hen runs are equipped with features like a waterproof sunroof that protects the animals from heat and UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should the hen run be?

The size of hen runs should be selected based on the size of your flock. They are available in different sizes to fit your flock. The bigger space for your hens will help them have better mental and physical health. However, the general rule is to provide your hens with a minimum of ten square feet per hen. Also, keep in mind that your flock is likely to grow with time!

Where can I buy the best hen runs from?

You can buy the best hen runs in various sizes at the most reasonable rates at inthemarket.ie. We have endless options for every unique requirement.
Where do you put a chicken run?

Hen runs should be placed in the open area with some greenery and an adequate amount of sunlight. Make sure that the area is partially shaded and partially in the sun to ensure comfort for your hens and chickens. Additionally, the run should be connected to the coop to enable the pets to take shelter and come out under the sun according to their choice, instead of feeling restricted to stay at one place.
Does a hen run need a roof?

Yes, a hen run must be covered with a roof to protect your birds against predators as well as extreme weather conditions. At inthemarket.ie, you will find the best hen runs with solid, waterproof roofs to make your birds feel safe.

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