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Dog Runs for Sale in Ireland
We provide a wide selection of outdoor dog runs and pens for the Irish market. We have a wide variety of small, middle and big-sized dog runs available to suit all needs and importantly, to suit the Irish market.’s dog runs are all fully galvanized to prevent rust and are low maintenance. At, we offer FREE delivery on the island of Ireland, to get your dog run, pen or kennel right to your doorstep.

All Runs have a 12 month warranty. Guide to Buying Dog Runs and Kennels
Welcome to Ireland’s largest selection of Dog Runs. If you want to buy a Dog Run in Ireland, we have the best value and quality dog runs, pens and coops for sale in Cork, Dublin…or anywhere. We have been selling quality dog runs for over 12 years. The needs of you and your furry friends will determine which Dog Run is best. The rest is up to you as long as your Dog Run is warm, dry, pleasant, secure against predators, and has enough space for your dog(s)


So you’re thinking of acquiring a dog run? That’s fantastic! Dog runs are wonderful additions to any house and provide a number of advantages to both dog owners and their pets.

A dog run may appear modest and unappealing to some people, but you will be astonished. Apart from the fact that dog runs can come in enormous sizes and provide lots of space for your furry companions to roam, you’ll find that dogs enjoy them and that they can enrich their life.

10x10ft Walk in Dog Run

What are the characteristics of a good dog run?

The key goals of a decent dog run are security, comfort, and durability. All of our dog runs have been carefully designed to guarantee that:

They reduce the possibility of your dog being injured. They’re chew-resistant and don’t have any gaps where limbs could get caught.
They guard against unauthorized entry.
They provide rain and, more crucially, sun protection.
We recommend that you incorporate a cabin as a nice kennel.

How do I know it will still look fine in 5 years?

This is an excellent question because many dog run manufacturers are situated overseas and utilize inferior untreated wood that cracks and cannot endure the environment. Others employ thin galvanizing, which after a few years begins to look dull, rusty, and flake. Make sure the dog run comes with a solid warranty, such as the 1-year warranty we offer on all of our runs and kennels. Furthermore, all of our runs are manufactured using the most up-to-date laser welding technology and galvanised in accordance with ISO 1461.

ANCHORING We recommend that your dog run is always secured to the ground, even if it does not have a roof.

What size run should my dogs have?

I’m not sure what size dog run I’ll need. We are frequently asked this question, and our response is as extensive a dog run as room and budget allow. There are no advantages to having a smaller dog run for your dog. So, while choosing on the size of the run, there will always be trade-offs, and the length of time your dog will spend in the run will be factored in as well.

Small and medium dogs will need a minimum of 3 square metres, rising to 5+ for larger dogs, if they spend more than a couple of hours a day in their dog run. Keep in mind that you must consider the dog’s space to sleep, have food and water and for waste and exercise.

10x7ft Dog Run

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep it clean.

We propose that you establish a cleaning practice that includes removing any feces on a daily basis and cleaning with a pet-safe disinfectant and a bristle brush once a week. Apply a monthly dosage of top grade flea room spray to any sleeping places.

We’ll look at the advantages of having a run and how a dog run can help both you and your dog.


Dog runs provide a safe environment for your dog to exercise while also giving their owners piece of mind that their pet is safe and not getting into mischief. If your dog is a digger or simply generally mischievous, you’re well aware of the havoc he or she can cause if left unattended.

A dog run is the ideal solution to this problem, and it will keep your perfectly manicured lawn safe too!

A dog run protects your dog from being stolen as well as caring after your garden and preventing your dog from tunnelling under your fence. No one wants to think about it, but leaving your pets in your garden for extended periods of time puts them at risk of being stolen. A dog run serves as a deterrent as well as a physical barrier to keep your dog from being kidnapped from you.

13x10ft Dog Run

Health and Happiness

Dog runs can help your dog have a happier life. A dog run allows them to be outside and enjoy themselves, whether alone or with a companion, because it stimulates them. This could be from running around with toys or simply watching their environment; either way, it excites them and makes them happy.

When owners keep their dogs locked up inside all day, they become too energetic and have no outlet for it. That’s because they’re cooped up during the day and have nothing to keep them occupied. They get it from a dog run.

During the summer, this is ideal. On a hot day, being trapped indoors is not ideal for your dog, and a dog run allows them to cool down with a wonderful summer breeze without ripping up your lawn. Also, some of our furry friends can be a little smelly so being out does not stink up the house.

Working Conditions

A dog run is vital for dog owners whose home is also a working setting, such as a farm. Instead of being cooped up all day, your dog can go outside and have fun without you having to worry about them getting hurt or disrupting your business.

Dogs might become too excited or terrified in places with machinery or cattle, bolting and causing havoc. As you can expect, this could cause havoc with your business, lose you money, and endanger your dog or others. A dog run prevents this, but it does not require them to be confined all day.

As you can see, a dog run provides a safe, contained environment for your dog to play and exercise while being safe. Take a look at our selection of dog runs if you’re thinking about buying one. We have dog runs for small dogs, big dogs, all dogs and can deliver anywhere on the island of Ireland.

20x10ft Dog Run

I’m not sure why I’d need a dog run?

Most dogs enjoy being outside, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of everyday life. Having an outdoor house for your dog can be incredibly beneficial at times, such as when you are at work or simply need them out of your way when you have visitors. Many working dogs spend the entire year outside.

Pet Play Pen

Why Should I buy from

There are so may reasons. We are Irish so we can help out with parts or with any issue you may have. We provide employment to people in Ireland, with your support. We have been in business for over 12 years and we have an Excellent ranking on TrustPilot. We offer fantastic pre-sales and after sales service to our customers. Our products are high quality at great prices. If you are looking for a Dog Run in Ireland, from Cork to Donegal or Dublin to Galway, we can send you what you need with FREE delivery within the 32 counties of Ireland.

So that’s it. It’s up to you now to decide which Dog Run you would like and which best suit your needs and those of your big dog, or small dog, an outdoor run or something for indoors. Keep your dogs safe and give them a wonderful home. Our runs are fully galvanised. Don’t forget to add a kennel / dog house. Shop now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Dog Run Do I Need?

The average dog run size needs to be 3 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet high. If you want your dog run to be bigger then you can check out our other options.

1) 10 x 10FT Walk In Dog Kennel Pen Run
2) 10 x 7FT Walk In Dog Kennel Pen Run
3) 13 x 10FT Walk In Dog Kennel
4) 20 x 10FT Walk In Dog Kennel

How To Build a Dog Run?

The cost to build a dog run is more than the dog run that you bought from Inthemarket. We always advise our customers to buy a pre-built dog run that will last and work.

How To Get a Dog To Use a Kennel?

Place some toys for your dog in the dog run so that your dog spends more time in the kennel.

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