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Allotment Polytunnels: Pro Range
Here you can find our new Allotment Pro range – Very strong 25mm/1inch GALVANISED frame with extra bracing makes this polytunnel extremely hardy. Please do take a few minutes to check the specification and pictures to understand just how good the Allotment Pro range really is! Guide – Buy The Best Polytunnels For Sale In Ireland
If you want to buy a Polytunnel in Ireland, you have come to the right place for great Polytunnel value and deals. Whether it is a small Polytunnel, a large one, a cheap or expensive one, we have them. We have had Polytunnels for sale near you in Ireland for over 13 years now and we only sell the best. As we are Irish, if you have any issues down the line, you can call us for parts, spare covers or doors, or whatever you need.
It’s no surprise that polytunnel farming is becoming more popular. They are much less expensive to purchase than a greenhouse and are reasonably simple to erect. If you can squeeze one in, they truly do take your fruit and vegetable growing to the next level, expanding the variety of what you can produce successfully in the first place: grapes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, and chillies are all possible. It also serves as a pleasant respite from the worst of the weather outside.
Now is a great time to buy you Polytunnel in Ireland with us, as we are offering exceptional value here at You’ll need to consider where you want to put your polytunnel: a sunny place on a level area with some wind protection is ideal. Planning approval is usually not necessary as long as it isn’t more than 3m tall, doesn’t take up more than 50% of your garden, and doesn’t present a problem for your neighbours. However, if in doubt, contact your local planning department first.

13 X 7FT Pro Polytunnel With Door
Here are a few examples of how you could benefit:
Salads that can be eaten all year
A polytunnel brings up a world of winter salad possibilities that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. More delicate lettuces and leaves will last longer, while hardier kale, chard, mustards, cresses, chicories, spinach, parsley, and mizuna will keep you in fascinating leaves for months. Hardier salad plugs can still be planted today if you’re quick. Summer lettuces can also be pruned back to limit the risk of mildew and encourage slow winter growth.
There’s no need to be a seasonal gardener.
You can plant or just sit and relax in your polytunnel no matter how bad the weather is. After last winter’s dreadful weather, I’ve now added a deckchair and a small seating area to mine — it’s become a tiny haven. Simply cover your chosen area with a weed suppressant layer and gravel. This is the quickest (and one of the least expensive) methods.

10×7 Polytunnel
Crops harvested earlier
The so-called spring hungry gap is less noticeable with a polytunnel, as numerous crops such as new potatoes, spring cabbage, peas, salad, and beans aren’t far away. There’s still time to germinate pea and broad bean seeds so you may overwinter your plants for a spring start.
The best for strawberries
Strawberries cultivated outside have never yielded well for me. Birds, snails, and insects pounce on the crop as soon as it approaches ripeness, devouring the majority of it before I can get to work. Inside, it’s a very different story, with a bumper crop every time. In good years, we may even obtain a second crop of strawberries later in the season from our plants. Now is an excellent time to establish runners by gently inserting new plants in pots with fresh multipurpose compost still attached to the parent plant.
A helpful hand for crops that are more difficult to grow
Without some sort of cover, I’d struggle to grow quality tomatoes, cucumbers, or peppers in my garden in West Wales. It also allows me to try out some more daring produce. The trick is to keep your polytunnel clean both inside and out to ensure that your plants get the most light possible, especially at this time of year.
20×10 model with Metal Door
Increasing adaptability
Even in an unheated polytunnel like mine, seeds can be planted much sooner than they would be otherwise. On the potting bench, I also keep a huge unheated propagator to help germination and protect seedlings from the cold (and the polytunnel mice). You can also seed a little later than usual because the growth season is extended on both sides, giving you more freedom all around. Cucumber, tomato, and melon plants can yield fruit far into November and even December, depending on how cold it gets outside, so it’s worth leaving them in the ground.
Crops harvested earlier
The so-called spring hungry gap is less noticeable with a polytunnel, as numerous crops such as new potatoes, spring cabbage, peas, salad, and beans aren’t far away. There’s still time to germinate pea and broad bean seeds so you may overwinter your plants for a spring start.

Raised Bed for inside your Polytunnel
Container plants need to be protected over the winter.
Potted herbs like rosemary, parsley, sage, and thyme will benefit from being brought indoors, giving you the extra opportunity for winter harvesting in exchange for their protection. Plants that are more susceptible to the elements can also benefit from a protective barrier. Simply bring them inside and remember to hydrate them.
Investing in seeds
A polytunnel will greatly assist you in extending your seed-saving efforts. It helps you to overwinter more delicate biennials like carrots, parsley, beetroot, and swede safely, allowing them to blossom and set seed the following year. Take a few tomatoes, peas, french beans, cucumbers, and other vegetables and bury them in the ground now so they can spring into action the following year when they’re ready. This is the epitome of lazy gardening.

Benefits of Buying Polytunnels for Sale in Ireland 
Warmer growth conditions
When you walk into a polytunnel, you’ll notice that the barmy microclimate is noticeably warmer than the outside temperature. Because the polythene traps heat, it’s ideal for producing crops that would struggle to provide consistent yields in Ireland
Seasonal lengthening
In the spring, soil enclosed by a polytunnel will warm up quickly, allowing you to sow seeds weeks sooner than you could outside. The warmer weather continues into October, extending the amount of time slow-maturing plants have to produce fruit.
Consistent circumstances
It’s important to keep an eye on the temperature, but keep in mind that wind, rain, hail, and drought can all harm plants just as much as a drop in temperature. You have complete control over the climate in a polytunnel; just make sure to buy polytunnels for sale in Ireland  with a sturdy frame that can withstand the weight of snow. All polytunnels have a predetermined hoop diameter, which is related to the total strength of the construction; the thicker the hoop, the stronger it tends to be. The diameter of a standard hoop is between 25 and 32mm. Northern Polytunnels comes equipped with the thickest of 32mm.
Much less expensive
A nice polytunnel is significantly less expensive than a comparable greenhouse. This either results in you having more money or it results in you getting a larger model with irrigation and raised beds.
Options for allotment sizes
Is it better to have a small plot or a garden? Do not be concerned. Garden polytunnels can be as little any size, depending on the manufacturer.
There is no planning permission.
Sheds, greenhouses, and polytunnels are all examples of structures that do not require authorisation from the local planning office. There are a few exceptions, such as if you live in a historic structure or in a region of exceptional natural beauty. If you have any questions, contact your local planning office.
Spend less.
Growing your own fruit and vegetables instead of buying them at the supermarket has been shown to save you at least €500 per year in grocery costs, and with the extra activity, you can also save money on your gym subscription.
Construction is straightforward.
Most mid-sized or small polytunnels take a few hours and come with clear instructions.
Greenhouses have a hard time growing on land that isn’t perfectly flat. You can adjust for the gradient by raising the polytunnels hoops slightly on one side, depending on your ground tubes and attaching methods.
More room to stand
The hoops used to be semi-circular, with little or no headroom on the sides. The hoops have now been updated to have straight walls, allowing you to walk around freely without causing any bumps. Climbing plants like tomatoes and peas, which may be suspended from crop/brace bars, will benefit from this as well.
Excellent ventilation.
Even if you used polythene instead of glass, the Greenhouse Effect remains. Plants might suffer from the heat in the middle of summer. Fresh air may be allowed into your polytunnel through vents, while netting on the interior keeps unwelcome intruders away. Because hot and humid air might linger in the center, fans can be used to circulate the air.
If you’re looking for the best Polytunnels for use in Irish weather and conditions, is the best place to buy cheap Polytunnels for sale in Ireland. Have a look at our latest models now, above.
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