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Wheelie Bin Storage

Welcome to Ireland’s largest collection of wheelie bin storage solutions.

We pretty much all have them. Red, Green, blue. Some of us have a few different colours, some of us have the classic grey ones. They are a necessary evil. We need to do our recycling and our bit for the planet and part of that is doing our wheelie bin duty. We sort everything and drag them out and then back in. Wheelie Bins. The necessary evil.

They are not the most attractive things in the world and nothing looks good in plastic. Being red or green generally, they don’t exactly fit in with most areas or neighbourhoods. Speaking of plastic, you can purchase wheelie bin covers or wheelie bin storage units made with plastic but what people may not think about is that they blow away very easily and you may find yours in your neighbour’s garden, or worse. Yes, wooden ones need some maintenance with varnish or paint but they are more of a feature and look nice and they are of course 100% recyclable.

That is why, we only offer wheelie bin storage made from pressure-treated wood. They are available in the Deluxe style or in the classic wheelie bin, slatted wood style. Both styles are available in one, two or three bays. Whether you just have a lot of bins or you are a business with a bunch of bins, we can cater for you.

The bins come with individual bays for convenience and for day-to-day usage they have chains to stop the tops from going backwards and banging and waking all of the household at 6 am on bin day.

They also come with front locks that can keep your bins safe from fly tipping or just some curious animal who may knock over your bins in the search for sustenance. Worse than animals who may target your bin collection, it also stops people who don’t live near you considering putting their rubbish into your bins and you would be surprised how often this happens.

So if you have any questions on any of our wheelie Bin Storage products, contact us via WhatsApp on 0879565175 or via email to info@inthemarket.ie


All of our Wheelie Bin Storage solutions have the following features:

  • Treated Wood
  • Separately Opening Bays
  • Bolts on the front to secure the front door
  • Chains on the lids to ensure that the tops do not fall backwards when open
  • Each bay cover has a latch to ensure that the cover stays in place, even in windy conditions

Keeping Your Bins Clean

Wheelie bins are a common sight in many neighbourhoods and are used to store household waste before it is collected by rubbish trucks. While these bins are a convenient way to dispose of unwanted materials, they can also pose a health risk if not maintained properly. While our Wheelie Bin Storage covers will keep dust etc. off your bins when they are stored away, they can still get dirty when at the side of the road waiting to be collected.

Considering what we put into the bins, it is essential that we keep the things clean but a lot of people forget to or don’t want to think too much about them as they are outside the door and out of sight and out of mind. Maybe it is an Irish thing.

Firstly, it is important to understand the potential health risks associated with dirty wheelie bins. Bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms can thrive in the warm, moist environment of a bin that contains food scraps and other organic materials. These microorganisms can cause a range of diseases, including gastroenteritis, salmonella, and E.coli. In addition to the health risks, dirty bins can also attract pests such as rats, mice, and flies, which can further spread disease and cause damage to properties.

To prevent these health risks, it is important to maintain good wheelie bin hygiene. This includes cleaning the bin regularly and disposing of waste correctly. Bins should be cleaned at least once a month, or more frequently if they are particularly dirty or have been used to store food waste. Before cleaning, it is important to wear gloves, as the waste in the bin can be a source of harmful bacteria. The bin should be emptied completely, and any remaining waste should be removed using a brush or scraper. The bin should then be washed with hot, soapy water and rinsed thoroughly with a hose. To further disinfect the bin, a solution of bleach and water can be used, but care must be taken to avoid splashing the solution on the skin or clothes.

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