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It’s a common question, with a simple answer. Static electricity build-up can be an annoyance for a treadmill owner. Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to reduce the occasional zap when your skin makes contact with the frame. These tips can also be applied to elliptical trainers and other home fitness equipment to reduce the risk of static.


A treadmill mat will help eliminate a lot of treadmill static and is an effective counter-measure. There’s an added bonus to placing a rubber mat under your treadmill as well: it will help keep your motor compartment free of dust and debris. The static charge will also act as a vacuum of sorts; carpet fibers, pet hair, dirt and dust will get sucked up into the motor compartment, clog up the inner-workings and damage the treadmill. By placing a mat under the treadmill, you are not only reducing the static electricity, you are also protecting your motor and lower electronics board from and keeping it clean.


Whenever at all possible, work out with clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton. They are less likely to generate static. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon will build up a significantly higher static charge. Your clothing can cause significant static buildup. Try wearing all natural fabrics like cotton while you run on your treadmill. You will find that it helps with static shock and is more breathable and comfortable during your workout.


A lot of people buy a treadmill for the home because in the winter months, they aren’t able run, jog or walk outside due to the inclement weather. In the winter, the air is much drier. You are more likely to get shocked by static electricity when there is little moisture in the air. Try putting a humidifier in the same room as the treadmill and set the humidity level to 50%. You should see a difference shortly.


Your treadmill has moving parts and wear-items and requires regular maintenance. Check you owner’s manual and follow the instructions for lubrication, belt adjustment and cleaning. Do not underestimate the importance of cleaning your fitness equipment.


For optimal performance, as well as safety and to avoid electric shocks, you want to make sure the treadmill is on a dedicated power source with a ground wire. What this means, is the treadmill should be plugged directly into the wall receptacle, leading directly back to the circuit breaker, and no other electronics should be on that line.  It should be a minimum of 15 amps (20 is optimal).


What you don’t want to do, is use extension cords, surge protectors, power strips or ground adapters. Your treadmill has a motor controller that sends a series of high and low pulses that increase and decrease the voltage to the motor. This is not simply for speed changes. When you plant your foot on the treadmill, you are applying resistance to the motor turning the belt. The motor controller compensates for this by increasing the voltage when you plant your foot. This is what gives you a smooth follow through as you plant, and then push off. Power conditioners and surge protectors can interfere with the efficiency of this design.

If you have Arc-Fault breakers (AFCI) your treadmill will not function properly. Because the motor controller is constantly sending a series of ON/OFF pulses, an AFCI breaker will think that it is detecting an electric arc, and it will break the circuit, because that is what it is designed to do. If you have AFCI breakers in your home, you will want to consult with an electrician before you install your treadmill.

If you absolutely must use an extension cord, go to a hardware store and purchase an extension cord that is rated and approved for appliances, and use the shortest cord you possible can.


Hopefully you are monitoring your heart rate when you exercise, and all Inthemarket.ie treadmills have features for doing so. These features that offer heart rate monitoring signals are regulated by the FCC to not interfere with any other electronic signal. What this means, is you want to place the treadmill at least six feet away from anything giving off an electronic signal. Anything and everything could possibly interfere with telemetry heart rate signals, even a lamp!


There are several other homemade solutions out there, like using fabric softener or anti static spray.

  1. Fabric Softener: Some clients tell us that wiping the treadmill belt with fabric softener helps to reduce static while running on their treadmills.
  2. Anti-static spray: We’ve heard that spraying anti-static spray on the area surrounding the treadmill may also help stop static.
  3. Ventilation: We also recommend increasing airflow in the area.

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