Guide to Keep Chickens Safe, from Foxes.

Guide to Keep Chickens Safe, from Foxes.

Foxes do love a chicken dinner. But how do you keep them from attacking chickens in coops? Whilst our coops are all vermin proof and the latches are predator proof, it is recommended to do some additional work to keep your coop safe from foxes. One help is to get a Hen Run from but even here it is recommended to dig a footer around the perimeter as foxes can dig. Foxes are always going to be around and they are as shrewd as….well, you can fill in the rest yourself.

Preparing your chicken coop to stop fox attacks can be a challenge, but with the right steps it can be done. First, make sure the coop is securely enclosed and there are no gaps or openings for a fox to get through. Install sturdy fencing with a buried footer to keep foxes from digging underneath. Additionally, cover the top of the coop with chicken wire or mesh to prevent foxes from jumping or climbing in. Lastly, use motion-activated lights or noise machines to scare away any foxes that come near. With these steps, you can help keep your chickens safe from fox attacks.

Aside from the above, we got the tips below from a seasoned chicken owner which we think are pretty good.

1. Avoid releasing your flock too early in the morning into an unprotected region. It’s highly likely that a fox may be waiting there if there isn’t enough noise and disruption (not linked to chickens) in the neighbourhood.

2. Maintain strong limits. Foxes will try to take advantage of any vulnerability, whether it is an electric fence short circuit or enlarging a rabbit-made hole. Even though it can take the fox weeks to locate one, you can be sure that if your hens are in its typical search area, it will check.

3. Explore your area at irregular times.A weakness in your fence is no different than a pattern in your motions.

4. Be there to close the door when the birds go to bed; in fact, arrive 15 minutes early.

5. Recognise that foxes can and frequently do so throughout the day.

These are only our basic guidelines; others may effectively use a variety of various strategies for their particular set of circumstances. Even while they are not foolproof, ours are a good start.

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