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Highest Quality Galvanised Steel Hen Runs


Provide a secure environment for your pets with our large walk-in runs. Although crafted mostly with chickens in mind, these runs will be the perfect home for various smaller pets, keeping them safe in your absence. Our chicken runs are available in different sizes so you can opt for one that best suits the requirements of your pets. Additionally, our hen runs are equipped with waterproof covers, protecting the animals from heat, rain and UV rays, and are crafted from galvanised steel to ensure durability.


Why Are Pet Runs Necessary?


Animal runs are an essential part of both residential properties and commercial farms. Some of the benefits of a pet run include:


  • Safe and secure environment for your animals. Hen runs are made of strong and durable material, thus providing a safe space for your pets to roam around freely. Hens are prey to many animals which could be present in your vicinity, such as foxes and minks.  Therefore, runs are the best solution for when you’re busy doing chores and want to ensure that your pets are safe from dangers. Our runs are made from sturdy steel and mesh wire that provide complete ventilation and proper sunlight for your birds.
  • If you own a garden, a run is the best thing to keep your plants and garden produce protected. You can also reverse-use the runs. If you’d like to grow plants that are toxic for your animals, you can plant them inside the run, thus keeping your pets away and safe. Please keep in mind that you will need to ensure some separation between the plants and the run walls, so that the potentially volatile plants do not poke through the mesh.
  • Our runs are available in various shapes and sizes, to suit different sizes of flocks.
  • Runs stimulate natural behaviour. Chickens and hens are descendants of wild birds, hence roaming around freely and relaxing in the sun comes naturally to them. When open fields are not a feasible option for you to keep your chickens, runs can provide them with a natural habitat and encourage their instinctive behaviours. Our runs provide ample space for chickens to run around and peck on their food. If you own small animals such as rabbits or ferrets, the run enables them to frolic around and graze, providing much needed variety in their lives.


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