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If you’re a serious gardening enthusiast, then you will surely appreciate the versatility of a sturdy polytunnel. It’s no surprise that polytunnel farming is becoming more popular – polytunnels offer all the benefits of a traditional greenhouse, but come for a fraction of the price and are much easier to erect, as well as to adjust them to a slightly sloped ground.


If you have the space for a polytunnel, you can effortlessly expand the variety of what you can produce into plants that normally don’t yield well in the Irish climate, such as grapes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, and chillies. Growing your own fruits and vegetables instead of buying them at the supermarket has been shown to save you at least €500 per year in grocery costs, and with the extra activity, you can also save the money on your gym subscription!


Secondly, polytunnels allow you to start the growing season earlier and expand it beyond the usual autumn deadline, and with a little help of a heat mat, you can easily turn your tunnel into a winter seed nursery. The tunnel also offers a great degree of control over the climate your plants need, protecting them from snow, hale and strong winds. In Ireland the extra benefit of having a polytunnel is being able to keep on gardening even when the weather gets less than favourable! Even in the most dreadful months, you can set up a chair inside the tunnel and enjoy a little bit of a fresh air and greenery without having to fight against the elements.


What Should I Know Before Getting a Polytunnel?


When deciding on a polytunnel, you will need to consider several factors, such as the durability and space requirements.


All our polytunnels are made from galvanised steel to prevent any rust and decay, as well as heavy-duty covers designed specifically to withstand Irish windy and wet conditions. Thanks to our shop being Irish, we can always provide you with any spare parts, covers and accessories without a delay.


A sunny spot on a level area with some wind protection is ideal for a polytunnel. Planning approval is usually not necessary as long as it’s no more than 3m tall, doesn’t take up more than 50% of your garden, and doesn’t present a problem for your neighbours. However, if in doubt, please contact your local planning department first.


What are the Benefits of a Polytunnel?


  • Salads all year round – polytunnel brings up a world of winter salad possibilities that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. More delicate lettuces and leaves will last longer towards the end of the season, while hardier kale, chard, mustards, cresses, chicories, spinach, parsley, and mizuna will grow throughout nearly entire year.
  • Early harvest – the so-called “spring hungry gap” is less noticeable with a polytunnel, as numerous crops such as new potatoes, spring cabbage, peas, salad, and beans aren’t far away.
  • A safe haven for strawberries – growing strawberries in Ireland comes with some serious challenges, as not only the persistent rainy weather can destroy your crops, but also strawberries (and other berries) tend to be a favourite item on the menu of many birds, snails and slugs. Planting strawberries inside the polytunnel, especially when raised beds are used, protects them and even allows the plants to yield more than one crop a year.
  • Increasing adaptability – even in an unheated polytunnel, seeds can be planted much sooner than they would be otherwise. You can also seed a little later than usual because the growth season is extended on both sides, giving you more freedom all around. Cucumber, tomato, and melon plants can yield fruit far into November and even December, depending on how cold it gets outside, so it’s worth leaving them in the ground.
  • Protecting herbs during winter months – potted herbs like rosemary, parsley, sage, and thyme will benefit from being brought indoors, giving you the extra opportunity for winter harvesting in exchange for their protection. Remember to hydrate them!
  • Savings on seeds – a polytunnel will greatly assist you in extending your seed-saving efforts. It helps you overwinter more delicate biennials like carrots, parsley, beetroot, and swede safely, allowing them to blossom and set seed the following year. Take a few tomatoes, peas, French beans, cucumbers, and other vegetables and bury them in the ground now so they can spring into action the following year when they’re ready. This is the epitome of lazy gardening!


If you’re looking for the best polytunnels for use in Irish weather and conditions, look no further – in InTheMarket.ie we have the best blend of durability, prices and variety. Browse our range today or, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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