Top Ten Tips on Keeping Chickens in Ireland

Top Ten Tips on Keeping Chickens in Ireland

So you, or perhaps your children, have decided that you wish to keep some hens. Maybe one or two or perhaps a whole brood. The advise from seasoned chicken owners is that you should keep at least three as they are sociable birds and less likely to fight if there are three. That’s the word on the street, or should that be farm yard?

Once you have decided how many and who is going to look after them (do not believe any of your offspring that tell you that they promise that they will feed them etc.), and how many, the next thing is where to house them. Have no fear, browse Ireland’s largest and best value selection of Chicken Coops in Ireland below.


Once you have selected the coop you like, please have a look at our Top Ten Tips below.

  1. Provide a secure and safe environment for the hens. Make sure that the coop is predator-proof and that there are no gaps or holes in the walls or roof. All of ours are predator-proof.
  2. Ensure that your hens have plenty of space to move around and explore. Provide them with a large area of grass, or a coop with a run.
  3. Provide your hens with good-quality feed and fresh water.
  4. Give your hens access to fresh grass, vegetables, and other treats.
  5. Keep the hen house and surrounding area clean.
  6. Check your hens regularly for any signs of illness or injury.
  7. Make sure that your hens have a place to lay eggs, such as a nest box.
  8. Provide your hens with a dust bath, which will help to keep them clean and healthy.
  9. Make sure that your hens have access to plenty of natural light and fresh air.
  10. Choose a breed of hen that is suitable for the climate in Ireland.
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