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The Cat Camp – 50% Larger

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  • Material: solid fir wood and wire mesh
  • Dimensions: 285 x 105 x 175cm / 9.3 x 3.04 x 5.7 ft
  • Fully enclosed wooden cat house, a great addition to your patio or back garden
  • Large run allows multiple cats to play together at the same time – perhaps a safe space for a new mother
  • Multi tier main house with doors and windows for easy access and high quality fresh air flow
  • Shelf space for a cat bed, litter box or extra storage
  • Made with solid fir construction and sealed with non-toxic, animal friendly varnish
  • Roof is covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection
  • Equipped with 2 doors, for easy in or out, and with latches to ensure safety
  • Please note: the observation deck window is not a sealed window, it’s open so that your cat(s) can have access to come and go, but larger predators or dogs cannot get in

Availability: 33 in stock

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Introducing the Cat Camp.

Fresh air is good for all living things, and that includes cats, dogs and other pets. But sometimes letting your pet outside comes with hidden dangers and unseen hazards. This amazing outdoor playpen for cats will allow your pet to enjoy the great outdoors, without the danger posed by other animals, traffic etc.

It’s built on a sturdy wooden frame that has been sealed with a pet-friendly, non-toxic varnish, and fully enclosed with a durable wire mesh. Large multi-tiered main house gives your pet an indoor sanctuary and includes an observation window, sliding door, hinged door, and an access ramp.

The flat roof has been covered with asphalt to keep your pet shaded from the sun and protected from the rain. A large latched front door makes access to this cat enclosure simple and easy. The observation deck has open access to allow your cat(s) in and out but it’s too small for larger predators to get in and it’s high enough to stop any dogs from getting in.


Taking care of your Cat Camp

We recommend using a high-quality wood preservative, varnish, roof sealer or water repellent. This should be applied within the week of purchase and/or before heavy rain. You should pay particular attention to all of the roof edges, eaves and all joints, as this will prevent the wood from swelling.

It’s important that you clean out the camp and treat the wood regularly, otherwise it can become brittle and unsightly. We also recommend applying additional coats of wood preserver if the camp is going to be kept outside. To ensure your camp continues to look great, we recommend that you position it in a protected area that is not fully exposed to the elements.

Remember to only use non-toxic, animal-friendly cleaning and treatment products.


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Natural wood


1 year overall warranty directly with inthemarket.ie. Any future repairs, spare parts etc. can be provided by us.

(Warranty T&Cs apply).

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8 reviews for The Cat Camp – 50% Larger

  1. Anthony Cox

    Bought this for our cats and it’s great. Looks lovely and plenty of space inside. Only negative is that it’s extremely difficult to put together, not because the job itself is actually hard to do – it’s not too bad once you get there – but the assembly instructions that come with it are very poorly done. Most of my 8 to 9 hour build time was spent trying to decipher what the small, almost illegible diagrams were even telling me to do and even then I put a few panels on backwards on multiple occasions and had to take them apart and re-do it.

    However, perseverance got the job done in the end and it looks superb.

  2. Therese O’Keeffe

    Called and got advice from the customer care people adn they were very friendly and helpful. The delivery is included and the price is still very good. Recommend.

  3. J

    Hi. Thank you very much from a happy customer. There is a lot of space on this. We have 3 cats in this and they seem really happy.

  4. Conor Healy

    The extra size is gfreat for accessing our cats and kittens. Seems very safe and it does look very nice in our back garden. The delivery was exremely fast. Recommend to any cat owners.

  5. Sheila McGuinness

    Great size for the price. The design is good to and we have made a feature of it in our back garden.

  6. Siobhan

    Plenty of rrom and we have three cats in there and its the job

  7. Olivia Ahern

    Great size. Needs two people to put it together easily. Ordered on Monday and got it on Wednesday.

  8. Anonymous

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