Lubricating Your Treadmill

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  1. How to properly lubricate your InTheMarket.ie treadmill
  2. Our top 3 treadmills

How to properly lubricate your InTheMarket.ie treadmill

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your treadmill runs smoothly and lasts longer. One essential aspect of treadmill care is proper lubrication. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.


When to apply oil

The frequency of oil application depends on your treadmill usage:

  • Light usage: Every 30km or at least once a year.
  • Average usage: Every 6 months.
  • Heavy usage: Every 3 months.

To keep track, set a reminder on your phone for your next application. Note that your InTheMarket.ie treadmill comes pre-lubricated when delivered.


How much oil to apply

Less is more when it comes to treadmill lubrication. Use the liquid silicone oil provided with your treadmill. A good measure is ½ ounce or 15 millilitres. Apply the oil to the material on the InTheMarket.ie Applicator and let it soak in.


Application process

1. Locate the running board:
– The silicone oil should be applied to the running board under the treadmill belt.

2. Prepare the treadmill:
– Identify the part of the belt where your feet make contact.
– Lift the plastic safety runner that runs parallel to the belt using a tool like a metal butter knife.

3. Apply the oil:
– Lift the belt with one hand.
– With the other hand, place the oiled side of the applicator under the belt and use a brushing motion to apply the oil to the centre of the running board.
– Repeat this process a few times without adding more oil.

4. Distribute the oil:
– Turn on the treadmill and set the speed to 5km/h.
– Walk on the treadmill for 3 minutes, moving left and right to ensure even distribution of the oil.

5. Check the belt:
– Test your treadmill. If it feels sticky or sluggish, apply a bit more oil, but avoid over-application.
– To remove excess oil, use warm soapy water.


Adjusting the belt tension

If the belt is too tight to fit the applicator under, you may need to adjust the tensioners:
– Use the Allen key that came with the treadmill.
– Insert it into the tensioners located at the left and right at the back of the runway.
– Turn each tensioner anticlockwise one-quarter of a turn at a time until the belt is loose enough.
– After lubrication, tighten the belt back the same amount you loosened it, ensuring an equal number of turns on each side.

By following these steps, you can keep your treadmill in optimal condition, ensuring smooth operation and extending its lifespan. Regular maintenance will help you get the most out of your InTheMarket.ie treadmill.

Check out our top 3 treadmills!

Commercial SMART Treadmill C-99

Commercial SMART Folding Treadmill with Incline C-99
  • Motor: 3.5HP
  • Incline: automatic, up to 15%
  • Speed: up to 20kmph
  • Running surface: 58 x 145cm / 23 x 57 inch
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg

The Commercial SMART Treadmill C-99 brings home gym equipment to the next level. This next generation, commercial-grade model comes with all of the features you would expect in a robust treadmill: hydraulic folding system, wheels for easy movement, self-lubricating system for zero maintenance, 16-inch screen with a multimedia player, and much more. The 3HP motor allows you to achieve high speeds but more importantly, it guarantees that your motor will not be under pressure even when used frequently, hence ensuring a long life span. Pre-set workout programs make planning your run a breeze, and the automatic incline allows you to simulate hills without any set-up hassle.

SMART Folding Treadmill T-98

  • Motor: 3.5HP
  • Incline: automatic, up to 20%
  • Massager: Built in to ease post workout fatigue
  • Speed: up to 20kph
  • Running surface: 52 x 138cm / 20.4 x 54.3 inches
  • Tablet size: 15.6 inches – watch Netflix, YouTube and more when working out
  • Console functions:  pulse, speed, time, distance, calories
  • Lubrication: automatic refuelling system
  • Programmes: a choice of pre-set programmes and the ability to create unlimited custom ones
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg / 308.6 lbs
  • Size when assembled: 190 x 88 x 128cm / 74.8 x 34.6 x 50.4 inches

SMART Treadmill EasyStore

  • Motor: 1.75HP
  • Incline: none
  • Speed: up to 14kmph
  • Running surface: 42 x 120cm / 16.5 x 47.2 inch
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg

Dedicated for those seeking compromises between the practicality and storage space needed – one of the very few treadmills on the Irish market, EasyStore folds completely flat, enabling you to slide it under the bed or store it under the stairs when not in use. Despite its compact size, this treadmill features a 1.75HP motor, capable of speeds up to 14kph, and a 7 inch smart monitor, offering both health statistics and pre-set workout programs. For hassle-free use, this model comes equipped with a kick-type folding mechanism and a self-lubricating system.

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