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Guide to Having a Marquee Wedding

Guide to Having a Marquee Wedding

Here are 9 reasons why wedding marquees make such a wonderful venue for your wedding day if you’re having trouble deciding between one and a more traditional setting. It is now becoming more and more popular for people to use Marquees in Ireland for their celebrations and get togethers.

It is often cheaper to buy than to rent and many families get together and club together to buy a larger model.

1. The marquee can be customized to fit your special day.

You have the opportunity to participate in designing a setting that supports your daily plans. To get a marquee layout that makes the most of your location during the day and at night, pick a marquee that best suits your needs.

2. You get to benefit from a view and let the outside in.

You can get close to your surroundings thanks to marquees. Therefore, if you have a beautiful view, make sure you can see it all day long and don’t miss out! Frame marquees are excellent because they can be ordered with clear windows (depending on the type), allowing you to continue enjoying the breathtaking scenery even while inside the marquee.

3. Less limitations on the amount of visitors.

You get to choose your visitor numbers using a marquee. While you do need to be certain that your building is the proper size to fit everyone, how it functions ultimately is up to you. So whether your event is formal or informal, large or small, a marquee is a versatile space that can be selected to fit your needs!

4. You get to pick the caterer for your event.

You get to decide exactly what you want to eat since you get to pick your caterer! You have a range of options, including gourmet fine dining, pizza ovens, and hog roasts. You will be in for a treat because there is such a wide variety of event caterers who do a terrific job, utilizing local food suppliers and creating high-quality meals to suit all tastes and budgets. Make some inquiries and don’t be shy about seeking advice.

5. You get to pick the location.

A little bit of space is all you need for a marquee wedding! If there isn’t enough space, there are many other possibilities. This might be at home, whether it’s your own or your parents’. Field marquee locations have become more and more popular recently, and the best ones have something extra to offer, like breathtaking coastal or rural views. Many people hunt for a field setting by first visiting a special place that contains special memories for them, such as a vacation spot from their youth or a first date spot. There are also several well-known wedding locations that use marquees to host receptions, and they frequently also offer lodging, so you may spend the night there.

6. A marquee is a blank canvas where you can develop your own theme from scratch!

Of course, one of the main benefits of a marquee is that you can choose your themes and colors without having to coordinate with the décor already in place. You have a plethora of options, including contemporary, traditional, country, vintage, beach, and more. Be imaginative and have fun!

7. You can stick to your spending limit thanks to it.

A marquee wedding allows you more options to stay within your budget whether or not you have a large budget. You get to select your location, marquee, decor, caterers, cuisine, bar, and florist; there is a wide selection of vendors for every price range. There are no limitations, so you are free to handle some of the cooking, table decorations, and party drinks.

8. You’re not required to adhere to tradition.

Marquees are excellent if you prefer to be independent. It’s entirely up to you if you want to deviate from convention and alter the typical wedding day flow.

9. You get to pick when you want to end!

Nobody wants the party to end too early, and at a marquee wedding you can choose the end time, so make sure you’ve planned some great music to keep everyone on the dance floor!

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