Using YouTube with your SMART Treadmill

Using YouTube with your  SMART Treadmill

There are famous brands that sell Subscription models where you spend thousands on a spin bike or a treadmill so that a stranger in Spandex can shout at you from your screen. Yes, you can stream live and on-demand sessions, examine your exercise log, browse the community to find friends, and, yes, even initiate a video chat with another user using the software that comes with the bike/treadmill. However, there are times when you just want to cycle or run without the motivational instructors yelling at you from the screen while still keeping yourself occupied.

Some of the large Fitness firms that require a subscription do not allow other apps on their machines, like YouTube etc. That is a little much considering how much you pay for them to begin with.

Here, we will tell go through how to get the best out of using your treadmill. Not all of our treadmills have colour video screens and therefore they will not have the ability to play video. Only our EasyStore, T and C Range of Smart Treadmills have this facility. You can download pretty much most apps and the likes of Netflix and YouTube are already pre-loaded. If you would like to upgrade your current treadmill, we are happy to talk about it with you. O21-4389345.

Many runners are now hacking the treadmills they spend thousands of Euros on in order to get them to do what all of our Next Gen Treadmills do. In doing so, they are voiding the warranty they have on the machines and thus reducing their value even more. We are not advocating hacking any treadmill by the way. Merely reporting what people are saying online.

Which YouTube Channel is best?

It is all a matter of personal taste. We recommend that you try a number of them and then settle on one or maybe two that you like. Perhaps one for walking and another for running?

One of the best that we have seen is the below Channel. If you are looking for the best treadmill workouts to improve your running game, check out this series that you can stream through your smartphone or watch while on your treadmill at home. You’ll find everything from beginner-friendly running content to more advanced intervals and climbs. Walking workouts are offered on this YouTube channel, too, if running is too intense for you

You can get any type of video you want, almost anywhere in the world. You can get free videos or you can subscribe for some, whatever you want. Some options let you do virtual runs for even three hours. Here is one of our favorites. We have no affiliation with them, they are just great runs.

You can also record your own runs if you have a GoPro and put them on YouTube and watch them that way. Ideally, do them during the sunny weather and hopefully…dry weather.

Happy walking/running. Team

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