What you prefer running indoors on the treadmill or outside walking on a track or a path? Most of the workouts are similar but they have some basic differences.

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Before going into depth-first understand what is a better workout? What should be the end goal of your workout? Is your goal is to burn more calories, decrease stress on the joints or exercise in a safe and healthy environment?

Walking outside is an easy option for most of the people but though weather and location can be a limiting factor in most of the situations. Walking on a treadmill requires just a treadmill machine whether in your home or at a fitness club. Both of the workouts offer benefits but of course, both have some advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Treadmill

1. A treadmill provides a variety of options. It allows you to customize your workout. The surface of a treadmill provides you more comfort than a concrete sidewalk, putting less strain on your joints.

2. Using a treadmill for your daily workouts is the best way to burn calories and providing basic training to your continuously walking muscles.

3. The treadmill provides you a pre-programmed workout to give you a controlled workout challenge. It also has a readout for heart rate, burned calories etc that provide you feedback regarding your daily workouts.

4. Most of the people set their treadmills on a fast speed that in result more calories burned.

5. You can easily control the indoor weather but controlling the outdoor weather is impossible.

6. Performing workout indoor is easy access to water, restroom etc.

7. Most of the people get bored running on a treadmill and then they preferred watching TV or listening to music while doing indoor workouts.


Can You Really Lose Weight by Walking on a Treadmill?

Walking on a treadmill increases your heart rate and that means it involves more use of your muscles. As we know that muscle burns more calories than fat, increasing your muscles will speed up weight loss.

Treadmill or Outside Walking Which Is Better?

It should be based on your fitness goals whether you choose a treadmill or walking outside. Also, outdoor walking is best for those who do not have any access to a treadmill, on the other hand walking on the treadmill is better for those who want to track and customize their workouts.

How Did Treadmill Work to Lose Weight?

Regularly doing workouts on a treadmill will help you burn calories and that is the right approach to weight loss. You have to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound of fat.

Is Treadmill Noisy?

High-quality treadmills have a very quiet motor. You just have to put mats or any old carpet that will soften the noise vibrations and protect your floors.


How Do I Stay Entertained on a Treadmill?

Mostly good quality treadmills have built-in speakers and an mp3 connection. You can easily listen to music to enjoy your workout on a treadmill.

Do Treadmills Have Heart Rate Monitors?

You expect this functionality in a high-quality treadmill like TXI Heavy Duty Motorized Treadmill. It has a Multi-function large backlit LED Display showing speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate and scan between all.

What is the Best Treadmill for Beginners?

If you want to improve your fitness and you haven’t run a lot in your past then I would recommend you to go through these best treadmills for your daily workouts. As a beginner, you need a treadmill with good speed and electronic incline. I suggest you Zap Treadmill to take a start for your daily workout.

What should your heart rate be when on a treadmill?

The maximum heart rate is generally around 220 minus your age. Let’s take an example a 22-year-old maximum heart rate should be 198 beats per minute. During exercise, your target heart rate should be 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

This table shows target heart rate zones for various ages. Your maximum heart rate is about 220 minus your age.

    Heart Rate Zones ChartAge Target HR Zone 50-85%  Maximum Heart Rate

20 years 100-170 bpm 200 bpm
30 years 95-162 bpm 190 bpm
35 years 93-157 bpm 185 bpm
40 years 90-153 bpm 180 bpm
45 years 88-149 bpm 175 bpm
50 years 85-145 bpm 170 bpm
55 years 83-140 bpm 165 bpm
60 years 80-136 bpm 160 bpm
65 years 78-132 bpm 155 bpm
70 years 75-128 bpm 150 bpm
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