The Perfect Polytunnels For Sale Are Here

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  1. The Perfect Polytunnels For Sale Are Here
  2. Our top 3 recommendations for your home setup

The Perfect Polytunnels For Sale Are Here

In the Market has the perfect polytunnels for sale. If you need protection for your garden or allotment, shop with us today. These structures are sturdy and made to last!

With a vast selection of shapes and sizes, In the Market is your shopping spot for polytunnels. With allotment, commercial, and garden polytunnels for sale, you\’re bound to find the one you\’re looking for. Whether you\’re an experienced gardener or have just discovered your green thumb, visit In the Market today and choose the polytunnel that\’s right for you. Browse our inventory today! You\’ll be glad you did!

Plastic is more flexible when warm, but as long as the sun is out, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the polytunnel warms up inside as soon as you pull the cover up over the hoops. You won’t need to re-tighten the cover later in the year as it will be flexible enough to tighten itself after just a few minutes.

Guide to Polytunnel Gardening in February

Check out our top 3 polytunnels!

Commercial SMART Treadmill C-99

  • Motor: 3.5HP
  • Incline: automatic, up to 15%
  • Speed: up to 20kmph
  • Running surface: 58 x 145cm / 23 x 57 inch
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg

The Commercial SMART Treadmill C-99 brings home gym equipment to the next level. This next generation, commercial-grade model comes with all of the features you would expect in a robust treadmill: hydraulic folding system, wheels for easy movement, self-lubricating system for zero maintenance, 16-inch screen with a multimedia player, and much more. The 3HP motor allows you to achieve high speeds but more importantly, it guarantees that your motor will not be under pressure even when used frequently, hence ensuring a long life span. Pre-set workout programs make planning your run a breeze, and the automatic incline allows you to simulate hills without any set-up hassle.

Commercial Exercise Bike B-55

  • Flywheel: 20kg
  • Levels of resistance: 32 levels
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg
  • Bluetooth: no

Introducing the B-55 – a sleek, commercial-grade exercise bike. With magnetic resistance, 32 motorised levels and 17 pre-set program profiles, it offers a versatile scope of workouts both at home and in a gym setting. The console lets you see all the vital workout information at a glance – including time, speed, distance travelled, RPM (rotations per minute), calories burned, pulse and more. The non-rust aluminium body and transportation wheels make caring for the exercise bike and moving it around a breeze, while rubber adjustment feet protect your floors from scratches. Supporting weights of up to 150kg, this bike is a robust workout companion for any aspiring cyclist.


SMART Treadmill EasyStore

  • Motor: 1.75HP
  • Incline: none
  • Speed: up to 14kmph
  • Running surface: 42 x 120cm / 16.5 x 47.2 inch
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg

Dedicated for those seeking compromises between the practicality and storage space needed – one of the very few treadmills on the Irish market, EasyStore folds completely flat, enabling you to slide it under the bed or store it under the stairs when not in use. Despite its compact size, this treadmill features a 1.75HP motor, capable of speeds up to 14kph, and a 7 inch smart monitor, offering both health statistics and pre-set workout programs. For hassle-free use, this model comes equipped with a kick-type folding mechanism and a self-lubricating system.

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