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Maintenance of your Home Treadmill

A home treadmill is a big investment, but this equipment can help you to maintain a regular fitness routine, which in turns makes you look and feel better. It is well documented how improving our physical movement can help improve your mindfulness and overall well being. 

So, to keep your investment in top shape, so you can keep yourself in top shape, we will take a look at how to best extend the life of your treadmill. Your treadmill will work efficiently for many years if you do routine maintenance on it and it does not take too much effort on your part.

The secret to getting the most use out of your treadmill and lowering the likelihood of breakdowns and other issues is regular maintenance. You may ensure that your exercise program continues uninterrupted and consistently by performing routine treadmill maintenance.

With each use, pay attention to how your treadmill feels. Usage should be stopped until any issue has been resolved if the machine is operating erratically or if you notice, feel, or hear rubbing or scraping.

T MillLubrication

We advise lubricating your treadmill belt at least once a year. Your treadmill may require more frequent lubrication depending on how frequently, how much, and what kind of lubricant is utilised and of course if you are training for marathons versus someone who pops on their treadmill whilst eating a slice of cake and watching Eastenders, just because there is no room on the couch to watch it because Auntie Sheila popped in for a visit unexpectedly. Some professionals advise doing it everythree months.

Many of the InTheMarket.ie Treadmills come with automatic lubrication. This will lubricate your treadmill every 30km. The machine will let you know automatically when the reservoir requires topping up. You will get a message on your screen when you log in.

The manual for your particular treadmill will include advise on how to lubricate the belt. A silicone- or paraffin-based lubricant is typically applied to the treadmill belt’s underside, paying particular attention to the region where your feet make the greatest contact. Don’t put it on the belt’s walking surface.

Before using the lubricant, the belt might need to be loosened; after using it, it should be retightened. Just do a quarter turn at a time and whatever you do on the left side, do the same on the right. Under no circumstances should you lubricate your treadmill with WD-40 or any other similar product. Only use the product that came with the treadmill or a silicone oil that you can purchase from InTheMarket.ie.

Please ask us about our InTheMarket.ie Maintenance Kit which gives you everything you need.

T Mill 1Weekly vacuuming

If feasible, vacuum the area around the machine and underneath at least once a week. The back of your treadmill will become clogged with dust and debris if you use it frequently. The majority of it comes from the soles of your shoes, with a tiny amount coming from the   walking belt.

Motor Cleaning

Additionally, you should clean the machine’s interior at least once a year. Turn off and disconnect the device before removing the motor cover to vacuum within the motor compartment. Whenever you are near any of the delicate electrical parts, exercise extreme caution and avoid touching them with your vacuum nozzle. If you happen to have an air compressor, this is even better. Many vacuums can now have the machine blow instead of suck so use this feature if possible.

Belt Alignment

Additionally, you should check to see that the belt is straight and centred. It doesn’t have to be completely straight, but it also shouldn’t be rubbing or scraping the sides. Your treadmill will operate more effectively if the belt is kept in the centre.

A misaligned belt is probably to blame if you find that your treadmill is slowing down without you changing the speed or if you experience sliding. A belt that is crooked can also easily become frayed and torn, degrading far more quickly than it should.

If the belt is old and rough, replace it to extend the treadmill’s life. InTheMarket.ie can send you a new belt with a video on how to change it, or for a small fee, we can collect and repair it for you. Call us on 0214389345 for a price for your Treadmill repair.

Nuts and Bolts

Check the frame nuts and bolts about once a month to make sure they are tightened and the uprights holding the console to the frame remain stable. With constant use, they can vibrate loose. Your machine comes with a walking belt adjustment wrench. If this has been mislaid, contact us or if you can purchase one as the size needed will be listed in your owner’s manual.

T Mill 2Clean After Every Use

 After each use, clean your device. This step is especially crucial if you frequently perspire. As moisture builds up in and on the machine, it can promote rusting of metal parts and harbor bacterial and fungal growth. While a wet cloth can typically get the job done, you may want to purchase a home treadmill cleaning kit from InTheMarket.ie, online or 0214389345.

Set up a Mat

The purpose of placing a mat under your machine is to safeguard the area around your treadmill rather than the treadmill itself. If your treadmill setup is in a second-story room, a treadmill mat will prevent damage to your flooring and assist in reducing noise. A mat can make it simpler to vacuum the area surrounding your machine and prevent pet hair and extra dust from settling on your machine.

Try to keep pet hair as far away from the machine as you can. The quantity of pet hair, carpet fibers, dirt, and dust that enter the motor compartment can be significantly reduced by using treadmill mats. Your motor and motor control board can suffer damage from foreign objects, necessitating expensive repairs.

Protect Electrical Components

Always be on the lookout for any electrical issues. When using your treadmill, stop using it right away and unplug it from the wall before looking into what’s producing the burning smell (dust under the motor, an object lodged under the belt, etc.). A burning smell should never be disregarded.

In order to keep your treadmill safe during power surges and outages, you can also protect its electronic components by hooking it into a surge protector. All of the ITM Sport brand of treadmills that we sell have a built in surge protector. Regularly inspect the machine’s power cords as well, looking for any damage or indications that they require replacement.

When to Contact InTheMarket.ie’s Technical Team

The user’s guide for your treadmill includes troubleshooting instructions for typical treadmill problems. You can undertake treadmill maintenance yourself if you are mechanically and electrically comfortable. If not, call us for a price on what needs to be resolved. In most instances, sending pictures and a video will help us to diagnose the issue.

A qualified repair expert will be able to identify issues that might not be immediately obvious, just as with any other specialised piece of equipment. Repairs, diagnostics, and replacement components for treadmills can be expensive, therefore it’s always preferable to try to fix a problem as soon as it arises.

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