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Keeping Your Dog Comfortable During Winter

All parents of our furry friends want to make sure their dog has a heated home during the colder months of the year so that they can remain warm, cozy, and comfortable, and nothing does the job better than electricity. 

So, you might be wondering how to keep a dog house warm in winter. Installing a heater can of course be done but the price of electricity will put many people off doing that.

Also, if your dog likes to chew, cords and wires provide a risk rather than a solution. Don’t worry if your dog likes to chew on everything in sight or if you can’t wire your dog’s home. There are still several options for keeping your dog comfortable over the winter.

Dog HomeYou ought to take your dog to the veterinarian straight away if his temperature drops below 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The health of your dog depends on maintaining a warm dog house during the winter. Fortunately, it’s simple to do. Here are some things you can do to make sure your dog is warm and cozy when the weather outside turns gloomy.

1. Check the state of your dog’s home.

The smallest crack in the walls has the potential to let in chilly winter air and inhibit the retention of heat. Consider building a dog door to stop the wind and caulk any cracks. A few degrees can be added to the temperature in your dog’s home with this simple, inexpensive adjustment.

2. Insulate your dog’s home 

Although cheap and simple to install, insulation should not be chewable by dogs. If the walls of his house are hollow, you can put the insulation inside. If not, you can prevent your dog from chewing on the insulation by covering it with panels.


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3. Make an investment in cozy bedding.

A great first step is to line the floor of your dog’s home with cedar chips, which assist to repel fleas and other nasty crawlies. Once you have a sturdy, insect-repellent foundation, you can add blankets, towels, and a comfortable dog bed to your pup’s space to make it nice and warm.

4. Elevate Your Dog Home

This only works if the ground is significantly cooler than the air. Leaving the dog house flush with the ground will provide additional warmth if the earth in your location stays warmer. Elevating your dog’s home, though, can assist it retain heat if the ground quickly becomes icy cold as the temperature drops.


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5. Fill up any extra space.

While spacious dog shelters are great for keeping your dog cool during the summer, all that excess space can zap the warmth right out of the air during the winter. Smaller rooms retain more heat. Reduce open space in your dog’s home by stuffing it with extra blankets, old towels, or throw cushions to prevent heat loss when the weather becomes chilly.

6. Ensure that your dog’s house receives as much sunlight as possible.

Even in the winter, moving the house to a sunny area of your yard will help it stay warm. Making sure the largest side of your dog’s house faces the sun directly will help it absorb the most heat.

7. Move in next door to your dog.

If you have the room, you might consider moving your dog’s house near to one of your house’s outer walls. Not only will this help to block the wind from your dog’s house, but you won’t need to run power outside because you can share the heat from your own house.

As you can see, it is simple, affordable, and most likely won’t take you more than one afternoon to heat your dog’s home without using possibly hazardous power. Your dog will stay warmer all winter if you use a mix of these techniques. Just watch the temperature in your dog’s home to prevent it from getting too warm.

8. Use black paint.

It has been demonstrated that dark colors absorb more heat than light colors. The majority of dog houses are lighter tones of khaki green or beige, so adding a few coats of paint will raise the temperature in your dog’s housing by a few degrees.

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