InTheMarket’s Guide to Dog Kennels

Finding the right dog house for your canine friend isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think, there are a number of things that you need to consider to make sure your pet is comfortable in their new dog house / kennel. 

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, or even just occasional time outside, then a dog kennels makes a great addition to their outdoor space – regardless of the climate. It provides your pet with a safe place to seek refuge from the weather, be it sunshine, wind or rain, and gives them their own space for naps and quiet time.

What Size Dog House Do I Need?

Getting the right size dog house for your pooch is the most important aspect of the shopping process. If you get a dog kennel which is too small, your canine friend is not going to be comfortable, and will not want to use it. On top of that, it’s cruel to have your dog in a kennel which isn’t big enough for them to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. At minimum they need enough space to be able to stand up fully, stretch, turn around, and lie down. 

You don’t need to worry about buying a kennel which is too big for your pet, as the more space the better. If there is enough space inside the kennel you can even put in a food bowl, water bowl, blanket/bedding to make it softer and more comfortable, and even a couple of your pooch’s favourite toys. It’s much better to have a kennel/dog house which has much more space than your dog needs, than a small kennel which doesn’t offer enough space.

If you have a puppy, you might be tempted to buy a smaller sized kennel as puppies are only small. But, remember that puppies grow quickly, and depending on the breed of dog you have, you could find that your pup outgrows a small dog house in a matter of weeks, meaning you’ll have to go out and purchase a new, larger dog house. It’s always best to buy the size you’ll need for when your pup is fully grown, that way your puppy will have plenty of space in their dog house, and as they grow, they will still have adequate room inside their kennel so that you wont have to go out and buy a new one any time soon.

aluminium cage for dogs Ireland

So, How Do I Measure My Dog to Make Sure I Get The Right Size Kennel?

There are several methods of measuring up your dog for a dog house, but the method which comes most highly recommended is the following:

  • Length of Kennel = Your dog’s length x 2
  • Width of Kennel = Your dog’s length x 3
  • Height of Kennel = Your dog’s height x 1.75
  • Doorway of Kennel = Your dog’s height x 1

Using this method to measure your dog for a dog house, you know that your dog will be comfortable inside their kennel, they will have plenty of room to stretch out, turn around, lie down, and stand up, without feeling cramped or restricted.

Which Material Is Best for a Dog Kennel, Wood or Plastic?

Almost all dog houses and kennels are made from either wood or plastic, with the exception of the super portable dog houses which are usually made from nylon – they are generally made with a pop up design, and offer great convenience and temporary protection for your pooch when you’re on the move.

Both wooden dog kennels and plastic dog kennels have their benefits, which type you choose is based upon your needs and requirements. 

Wooden dog kennels are usually the top choice, this is because they provide better insulation, more protection, and they are generally more realistic looking and much more attractive. However, with wooden dog houses, you will find they are usually more expensive than plastic dog houses, and they will need more care and attention that their plastic counterparts, specifically refinishing them to preserve the wooden material based on weather conditions.

Plastic dog kennels are less expensive than wooden dog houses, but they are also less realistic looking and not quite as attractive as wooden kennels either. However, on the plus side, they are lighter and easier to move around – although that could be a problem if you live in a particularly windy area and your kennel isn’t weighed down or secured to the ground properly – and they do not require any special care such as refinishing them to protect them from the weather.

Ultimately, whether you choose a wooden kennel or a plastic kennel, the decision is yours. If you want something of premium quality which provides the most protection for your pooch, then a wooden kennel is probably the way to go. If your dog will not be spending as much time in the kennel and they just need a basic place to rest and lie down occasionally, then you could opt for the cheaper plastic option.

Design Options in Dog Kennels

Before you finalise your decision on which dog kennel you are going to buy for your pet, there are a number of design elements which you should take into consideration too:


Ideally you want to ensure that the dog kennel that you purchase has an insulated and raised floor, this ensures that no insects and moisture will be kept out of the kennel, and it also helps to preserve the floor on wooden kennels too. If you find a dog kennel which you really like, but it doesn’t have a raised floor, then you can always raise the floor by yourself by resting the dog house on bricks or 2 x 4s to elevate it off of the ground. 


Dog houses can come with or without doors, your decision on whether you would like a dog kennel with a door or without one could be based on the climate in your area, your dogs own preference, or the planned use of the dog house. Most dog houses which come with doors offer a lock on the door as well, so you can secure your pooch inside it’s kennel and know that it is safe and secure and not going anywhere.

The positioning of the door or opening on your dog house is another thing you need to consider, for example, if the door is located at the side of the dog house then it can help to keep out the elements and retain more of your dog’s body heat.


If you live in a hot area, then you may want to think of having a material on the roof to deflect some of the sun’s rays, and if you live in a cooler area, then you might want to consider having some sort of insulation on the roof to help retain heat inside of the dog house. Dog kennels usually come with a pitched roof or a flat roof, while many people prefer the look of a pitched room, a flat roof does have it’s benefits too, as a lot of dogs enjoy lying on top of their kennel, providing an extra space for them to lie down and rest.


It’s important to have good ventilation in your dog kennel, regardless of the climate you live in. If you live in a hot climate, then having good ventilation helps to keep your dog cool. If you live in a cold area, then good ventilation will help relieve some of the moisture inside the dog house from your dog’s body heat and breathing. Dog houses with slotted openings or small windows are ideal to provide that much needed ventilation, and you can always consider installing some sort of a vinyl flap over the doorway too which will offer protection from the elements but also provide airflow and extra ventilation to the dog house.

InTheMarket’s Premium Wooden Dog Houses

At InTheMarket we have a premium range of wooden dog houses available for sale, we offer two sizes and both sizes are made from high quality and durable materials which are suitable for use in all seasons. It has an attractive design with a slanted roof and a raised floor for extra comfort for your pooch.

Our premium wooden dog houses also feature a lockable door with a perspex window, so you can secure your dog inside the dog house and they can still see what’s going on outside thanks to the window.

Follow the links below for more information or to purchase our medium and large sized wooden dog houses…

Wooden Dog Kennel for Medium Sized Breeds – 82cm x 52cm x 60cm (L x W x H)

Wooden Dog Kennel for Large Sized Breeds – 105cm x 69cm x 79.5xm (L x W x H)

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