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We struggled to find a decent kennel for sale in Ireland when our family was looking for one for our first dog. We discovered ones that would look nice in our garden, but they were much out of our budget. Any kennels we could have afforded would have been an eyesore in our backyard or of poor quality.

This inspired us to help others who, like us, were looking for unusual and appealing kennels that customers would appreciate having in their gardens and their dogs would enjoy. We went together and decided to create our own kennel line with colour, style, and versatility in mind.
When selling a dog kennel in Ireland, adding value for money is important.

One of the most important goals we set for ourselves when designing our products was to be able to sell them for a reasonable price. Unlike other less expensive dog kennels, however, we do not sacrifice quality or design in the process. Our kennels are a lovely addition to any landscape and give a pleasant home for practically any dog, all while remaining affordable.

Furthermore, all of our kennels come with free shipping to anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Customers can expect their orders to arrive in as little as two business days.

Dog Kennels – Considerations Before Purchase

We are frequently asked if plastic or wooden kennels are preferable. The truth is that it is largely a matter of personal taste. Plastic, in my opinion, is best for dogs who chew, but it will not totally solve the problem; it will only make it somewhat more difficult for them to destroy their kennel. In addition, plastic kennels are often warmer and easier to clean. Wooden kennels are more aesthetically beautiful, and many people choose to keep their in them.

How Will My Kennel Arrive?

The majority of individuals will either not be home at the time of delivery or will need to get the kennel into their rear garden through a small side gate. All of our kennels arrive flat-packed here at for your convenience. This means they may be left with a neighbour or around the house if you aren’t home, and they can readily fit through narrow spaces if you are. All of our kennels come in huge panels and are really simple to put together.

What Size Kennel Do I Require?

It’s critical to get the size of the dog box correctly. At, we offer a sizing guide with a list of breeds that we recommend for each of our kennels. A kennel that is too large will make the dog cold, while one that is too small will make the dog uncomfortable. A small/medium kennel will accommodate a Jack Russell, a large will accommodate a Collie, and an XL will accommodate a German Sheppard. We advise all dog owners to reference the dimensions of the kennels.

Why Do I Need A Kennel?

People purchase kennels for a variety of reasons. Some people want them to keep their safe at night, while others merely want them to provide a place for them to sleep. If you need to lock the dog inside the kennel, you’ll need to acquire one with a closable door. If it’s going to be used as a shelter, a kennel with a rain-proof flap might be better. On our website, we have a variety of both types. Most of our plastic kennels also come with the choice of a plastic flap or a wire door.



Your kennel, like other garden furniture, will require modest repairs over time. These must be completed correctly in order for the kennel to remain a safe environment for your dog. As a result, it may be prudent to confirm that the person performing the repairs is qualified for the job.

Keeping Your Kennel Clean

To keep the kennel looking and smelling great for your dog, it should be cleaned once a week. If your kennel has a dog bed or cushion, it should be washed. If you’re using straw as a bedding, it’s time to replace it. Keeping the kennel clean will ensure that the dog continues to desire to call it home.

My Dog Chews Everything

Some dogs simply have a proclivity towards chewing kennels. However, there are ways to prevent them from doing so. The most common reason for a dog chewing on a kennel is boredom. This can be alleviated by providing plenty of chew toys in their kennel. To keep them from chewing on the kennel, you’ll need to give them something else to gnaw on.

Do I Need To Paint My Kennel?

We recommend treating your kennel with an animal safe wood preservative shortly after purchase and then annually thereafter. This contributes to the kennel’s longevity. Inquire at your local home improvement store about which brand would be ideal for you. If you’re thinking about painting your kennel, make sure you use an animal-friendly wood paint.

Dog cage with wheels

Delivery Of Your Kennel

All of our products are delivered flat-packed. Because we deliver flat-packed, you can easily relocate our products into your back garden, for example. The dog pens come with simple assembly instructions and require two people to put together. The dog kennels come in panels that are simply put together and come with instructions.

An animal-friendly base coat of wood preservative is applied to our wooden dog kennels. It’s critical to treat your kennel with a high-quality animal-friendly varnish or wood preservative within the first month and/or before it becomes wet, and to re-treat it on a regular basis to keep the preservative and water resistant capabilities. Please use non-toxic, animal-friendly products whenever possible.

It’s vital to remember that, like any garden furniture or dog kennel you might buy, our dog kennels are constructed of a natural material that expands and contracts with the weather and will require frequent and continuing care to keep them in good working order.

We recommend placing your dog kennel in a well-protected spot that is not exposed to the weather. It should not be exposed to regions where the product could be upturned and damaged by the wind.

Your dog will have a joyful place to live in for many years if you take care of your kennel.

Can I Put Multiple Dogs In A Kennel?

Always seek the advice of a vet on this matter. An experienced breeder should be able to guide you also. Some dogs will be happy to share their house with you, while others will not. It is feasible to keep two dogs in the same kennel, but this should be done with caution in any event. In general, it is preferable for each dog to have his or her own kennel, but there are exceptions.

We recommend purchasing two kennels and keeping them close to one another. This gives the dog its own space while still allowing them to play with the other dog when they wish. This way, they’ll always have their friend’s companionship, but they won’t be intruding on their lives. They won’t feel caged by the other dog like they would in a kennel.

Measuring Your Dog For A Kennel

It’s crucial to remember that a puppy is still growing. At first glance, a Golden Retriever or German Shepard puppy will appear adorable, and you may be tempted to purchase a modest kennel. This kennel, however, will be considerably too small in a few weeks. What we propose is that you have a large enough kennel with plenty of warm blankets and beds inside. They will remain warm as a result of this. It will also assist if the kennel is kept in a warm place.

There are a few basic methods to measuring your dog:

  • Add 2 to 6 inches to the length of your dog’s body from his feet to the top of his head.
  • Measure your dog from the tip of their snout to the end of their tail (you don’t have to measure the entire tail if your dog has a lengthy tail).
  • To this, add between 2 and 6 inches.

What To Do When You Are Putting Your Dog Into The Kennel For The First Time

When you purchase a new kennel for your dog, you will need to devote time to acclimating your dog to it. Some dogs may immediately take to their new kennel, while others may take a little longer to adjust to their new surroundings. In any case, I’ve compiled a list of easy suggestions that should aid this procedure.


This approach will undoubtedly be aided by the use of some of your dog’s favourite toys. He will quickly acquire accustomed to it if you distract him by playing with him in the kennel. He’ll be so engrossed in the toys that the formerly unfamiliar house will quickly become a more familiar one.

Feeding Time

In the back of his kennel, place his feeding bowl. This means your dog will have to go into the kennel to eat. They’ll start to link the kennel with food and desire to go there.


Moving to a new house can be a stressful experience. As a result, some patience will be required to get them adjusted to it. Spending time outside with your dog at their new kennel may aid in this process. If they see that you are happy in your new house, they will be soon. It will take some time, but it will be well worth it.

Where Should I Put My Kennel?

Location, Location, Location

The dog kennel should be stored in a safe location. Aside from ensuring that the kennel does not get destroyed by the wind, the dog will be far more inclined to use a kennel in a wind-sheltered region. It’s also a good idea to keep the kennel out of direct sunshine. There should also be no drafts or chilly winds blowing in the vicinity.

Do Not Disturb

The area where you chose to put the dog kennel should be free of disturbances. Your dog requires a safe place to lie down without fear of a child yanking on its tail. The kennel should provide a safe and private environment for the dog to unwind. It must have easy access to drinking water, as well as clean bedding and chew toys. Because you must remember that this is where your dog will sleep, the surroundings should be quite calm.

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