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Wheelie bins, albeit necessary, can unfortunately be a true eyesore in the otherwise immaculate landscape of a yard or garden. The Irish market is full of temporary and half-way measures to beautify or conceal refuse bins, however, very few of them offer the desired durability and style, and hardly any provide the extra protection needed against wild, scavenging animals and the nuisance of fly-tippers. That’s where solid wood storage sheds come to play – combining spotless, elegant look with ease of access and durability, our take on wheelie bin covers stands out of the crowd and delivers unmatched quality.

Wheelie Bin Storage – 1 Bay - 3 Colours

Why pressure-treated timber?

Acutely aware of the unique challenges posed by the Irish climate – and the havoc they wreck on cheaper outdoor storage units – we’ve opted for premium materials known for their durability, namely stainless steel and pressure treated wood. Pressure treated timber is produced through the application of intense pressure which forces different chemical compounds deep into the wood grain. This process helps better protect the timber against the elements, fungal and bacterial growth, and pest infestations. Pressure treated wood was originally developed with construction sites in mind, but became increasingly popular in building decks, railings, sheds and any other outdoor solutions that need to withstand year-round damp and changing temperatures. Additionally, pressure treating increases fire resistance of wood, which could be a potential concern during hot summers when both the wooden cover and the plastic bins retain and radiate a lot of heat. When combined with additional varnishing, pressure treated wood serves its purpose for years to come without losing the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Exquisite craftsmanship

In addition to their durability, our timber storage boxes are expertly hand-crafted with subtle elegance in mind. Every detail was designed to cater to both practicality and a streamlined appearance, making sure that the end result blends seamlessly with both modern minimalism and classic rusticalism. Coming in three subdued, unintrusive tones, two styles and four different sizes, our bin storage cabinets can easily fit in most spaces. 

Each of the bays opens separately, both the top lid and the front door, making disposing of refuse and moving the bins a breeze. The open plan design also allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the storage unit, once all the wheelie bins have been taken out. All the lids are equipped with a sturdy stainless steel chain, making sure that the covers’ tops do not forcefully slam backwards in windy conditions, thus protecting the wood, hinges and nearby structures, as well as minimising the noise. Front doors feature double locks to ensure the storage unit stays closed even during the most challenging weather, as well as protecting the bins from any wildlife rummaging for food, and preventing potential fly-tipping.

Deluxe Wheelie Bin Storage – 2 Bays - 3 Colours

One shed, multiple uses

Thanks to the spacious dimensions and outstanding craftsmanship, our secure storage solutions find use not just in concealing recycling bins – they serve perfectly well as a bike storage shed, garden furniture storage, firewood shelter, gardening tools storage box and more. Thanks to the variety in sizing and the uniform appearance, several different units can be combined and lined up to suit varied needs. The only limit is your imagination!

Last but not least, all the materials used in construction of our outdoor utility sheds are recyclable or reclaimable, making them the ultimate eco-friendly storage solution. This carefully chosen feature puts our outdoor bin storage solutions in stark contrast to their cheaper, plastic counterparts which cannot be easily recycled due to the plastic significantly degrading over time when exposed to the rain, changing temperatures and UV rays. 

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In conclusion, there’s more to the humble wheelie bin storage shed than meets the eye! Whether you’re on a hunt for the perfect way to hide away your unappealing bins, searching for a bike shed that doesn’t cost a fortune, or simply aiming to declutter and beautify the space around your abode – our eco-friendly outdoor storage solutions offer unmatched blend of practicality and style. Choose a solution that will serve you flawlessly for years, without the hassle of constant maintenance or the need to replace – explore our selection of wheelie bin covers and delight in their durability, elegance and outstanding craftsmanship.

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