8 Bird Large Chicken Coop House

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Product Description

Large Chicken Coop House for 8 Bird Egg Spec


  • This large Chicken Coop designed to accommodate 8 birds as specified by RSPCA guidelines (12” x 12”/Bird)
  • Manufactured from Kiln dried & plained 10mm Fir wood
  • Locking hinged front & back door (front and back the same)
  • Additional side door where an extra 2nd optional Nestbox is designed to fit this space

Our wooden runs are treated with a base coat of animal-friendly wood preservative stain on both the inside and out. The wooden run needs to be cleaned out and treated regularly. We recommend a high-quality wood preservative, varnish, roof sealer or water replant be applied within the 1 first month and/or before a heavy rain. Particular attention should be given to all roof edges, eves as well as all joints. If this isn’t done the wood can become brittle and unsightly. We recommend applying additional coats of wood preserver if the run is to be left outside. Please make sure that you use non-toxic animal-friendly products. To ensure that your run continues to look great, it is recommended that you position it in a protected area which is not exposed to the elements. No claims will be accepted for products that have been neglected, left without protection and not maintained.

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg

3 reviews for 8 Bird Large Chicken Coop House

  1. 4 out of 5


    I bought this 3 months ago

    It works fine , the door way entrance is very big and accessible to poachers such as crows and magpies . they can see the contents of the nesting box very easily…

    I cannot let the birds out until the have laid to counter this . I have also stapled a curtain seperating the nesting box from roost and a curtain on the entrance also ..

    Other than that it is a nice product . the slide out tray is very handy and plenty of access to clean it out ..

    Quite straight forward to assemble also

    over all I am happy with the product

  2. 4 out of 5


    Seen a lot of cheap coops out there of poor quality. This is strong and cheap.

  3. 4 out of 5


    This is a good sturdy coop and no problem to assemble. It was a bit low down so I built a frame to sit it on to raise it up, they love to huddle under it when the rain gets too much. I got the 12 bird but I think it is more comfortable for 8. Good product, lasting well.

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