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Chin Up Bar

Chin Up Bar

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The InTheMarket.ie Door Gym is a highly versatile and convenient piece of home fitness equipment. Designed for use in exercise to tone and strengthen upper body muscles including back and biceps, the inthemarket Door Gym is an inexpensive and essential trainer. With no need for screws and bolts, the door gym can be used in almost any door frame, whether at home or in the office it won’t leave holes in the door trim.

The Door Gym goes further than the chin up bar in the upper body work out. With two close-grip handles, you can work out with your palms facing each other, the ideal position for isolating the central back muscles that control posture.

In addition to its upper body advantages the Door Gym can be used on the ground, to recreate the elevation of push-up bars or as a sit-up spotter.


  • Quick and easy to installation
  • Fixes to door frame without screws, bolts or fasteners.
  • Maximum user weight 300lbs


  • Door frame: 24 to 32 inches wide (70 to 78cm)
  • Trim 4.5-6 inches (11-16cm) wide
  • Please note: We advise you only use the Door Gym within appropriate door frames, ornate or older door frames may not offer required support.

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