TV Light Mimicker, mimicking the light coming of a regular TV screen to scare away potential burglars.
Recreating the light of a real television, this ingenious little LED lamp will fill the room with very bright light in thousands of different shades. Simulating the scene changes, fades, swells, and on-screen motion from a TV set, it will look just as if you someone is watching TV. This way, you’re house will look occupied, even though there is no-one at home. Burglars can easily spot a lamp on a timer but with the fake TV glowing in your living room, your house will look alive and keep possible intruders at bay. Coming with a built-in light sensor, the Fake TV LED lamp can automatically switch on when it gets dark.
Protect your house today in a simple and easy way.

At a Glance…

  • Recreates TV Effect
  • Light Sensor
  • Low Power Usage
  • Makes Your House Look Alive and Keeps Intruders at bay