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Polytunnel Tunnel Anchor Ground Kit

20.00 15.00


  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Installation
  • Secures Your Polytunnel
  • Protects Against Strong Winds


  • 8 x 30cm Long x 6mm Thick Steel Pins
  • 4 x Securing Down Brackets

Before fitting to our pro polytunnel range – please clean off any excess oil on the frame first.

15.00 10.00
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Polytunnels are a lightweight structure, and if they are not properly secured to the ground then the force of extreme weather will have an adverse effect on them.

Our polytunnel ground anchor kit will secure your tunnel to the ground so you don’t have to worry about your polytunnel taking off during high winds. The kit is easy to use and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Each kit contains 8 heavy duty steel pins which measure 30cm long and 6mm thick, and 4 securing down brackets which wrap around the base of your polytunnel frame.

Don’t risk damage to your polytunnel from high winds. Use our polytunnel ground anchor kit to make sure your polytunnel stays firmly stuck to the ground, even when the wind starts picking up.

Don’t forget your hotspot tape too…

It’s not only the harsh weather which can cause damage to your polytunnel though The sun can cause a considerable amount of damage too.

When it’s hot and the sun is beaming down on your polytunnel, the polytunnel cover can end up binding to the steel frame in the extreme heat. By placing some of our hot spot tape along each of the polytunnel roof hoops, you can prevent this from happening, therefor increasing the life of your cover and preventing any unnecessary wear.


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