Edge Bike- Display Assembled Model


Near Perfect condition shrink wrapped –  Fully assembled on arrival. 



  • Belt Transmission System
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Adjustable Padded Seat
  • Adjustable Dipping Handlebar Anti Slip Grip
  • Aluminium Non-Slip Pedal
  • Multifunction LCD Display
  • Displays Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, and Calories Burned
  • Virtually silent compared to a chained version
  • Heart rate monitor


  • Construction: Steel, ABS
  • Dimensions: 112cm x 48cm x 115cm or 9’4” x 1’7” x 3’9” (L x W x H)
  • Fly Wheel Weight: 15kg / 2st 5lb
  • Product Weight: 35kg / 5st 7lb
  • Max User Weight: 100kg/15st 10lb

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Near Perfect condition shrink wrapped –  Fully assembled on arrival. 


Experience the ultimate workout with the Revolution Edge Bike. Smooth and sturdy, this spinning bike delivers incredible cycling performance thanks to its high-quality construction. The Revolution Edge Bike is fully equipped with the latest cycling technology to keep your performance at optimum levels, allowing you to get a gym quality workout in your own home.

The belt transmission system and the heavy 15kg / 2st 5lb, fly wheel ensures a smooth and solid spin with minimum level of noise, while in operation. The wheel is belt driven, not chain driven, which keeps noise levels low. With the adjustable resistance, you can intensify your spinning session by making it harder to spin the fly wheel. The high quality padded seat and the non-slip pedals make for a comfortable ride, and with both the handlebar and seat being fully adjustable, you can get the perfect position for your build. This way, the whole family can use the bike.

The Revolution Edge also comes with a multifunction LCD Display, which makes the time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned, never more than a glance away, keeping you informed and on-target for your exercise goals.

This home spinning bike is perfect for anybody who is looking to get a gym quality workout from the comfort of their own home. Delivery is 1-4 working days, unless otherwise stated on the ad.

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