Dog Villa Kennel With Porch



  • Enough Room to Sit, Turn, and Lie Down
  • Visually Appealing Design
  • Suitable for All Seasons
  • Roof Opening for Easy Cleaning
  • An open door


    • 3.3 FT x 2.9 FT x 2.7 FT or 100cm x 88cm x 82cm (L x W x H)
    • Heavy 27KG Weight
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This sturdy Kennel will help protect your furry friend from some adverse weather conditions and provides a great place for your dog to relax. This Dog House offers your pet comfort and functionality in a great-looking dog house. Give your dog a comfy hideaway with this wooden Dog House. The wooden kennel has an attractive natural design which will make a lovely addition to any garden or outdoor space.

The materials used in our wooden dog kennels are all high quality and have been treated to ensure they are durable and suitable to be used in all weather conditions throughout each season.

The kennel is also raised off the ground to help protect it from all cold surfaces.


We recommend using a high-quality wood preservative, varnish, roof sealer, or water repellant. This should be applied within the week of purchase and/or before heavy rain. You should pay particular attention to all of the roof edges, eves, and all joints, this will waterproof your kennel and prevent the wood from swelling.

It is important that you clean out the kennel and treat the wood regularly, if this isn’t done, the wood can become brittle and unsightly. To ensure your kennel continues to look great, we recommend that you position it in a protected area that is not fully exposed to the elements.

Remember to only use non-toxic, animal-friendly cleaning and treatment products.

Delivery in 1-3 Working Days

*Send us 5 pictures of the assembled product for a €15 discount via WhatsApp or email us.




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