Bakers Senior dog food is a complete pet food for dogs above 7 years. Made with wholesome wholegrains, country vegetables and rich in delicious chicken, this tasty dog food is the perfect balance of taste and goodness in every bowl!

The recipe is specially designed to help support the vitality and health of your senior dog, containing everything it needs for a happy and healthy life.
With added protein from delicious chicken, it helps support healthy growth and maintain muscles. Fibre from added wholegrains and tasty country vegetables help promote healthy digestion.
The recipe also contains a balanced composition of vitamins and minerals, formulated to support healthy teeth, fur and skin, as well as added antioxidants to boost the immune system.
Not only is Bakers Senior dog food incredibly tasty, it is also has a 20% reduced fat content compared to Bakers adult dog food, to help your senior dog maintain a healthy weight.

Bakers Senior Rich in Chicken with Country Vegetables at a glance:

  • Complete dog food for senior dogs aged 7 years+
  • With chicken: a healthy source of protein for supporting growth and muscles
  • 20% reduced fat: to help maintain a healthy weight
  • Added fibre from wholegrains:  to support healthy digestion
  • Balanced mix of vitamins & minerals: helps support bone growth and healthy teeth
  • Antioxidants helps boost the immune system
  • Added Vitamin A & zinc: keeps your dog’s skin healthy and fur shiny