InTheMarket.ie Guide To Owning Hen Runs

InTheMarket.ie Guide To Owning Hen Runs

Owning chickens or any poultry or even pets is not for everyone. Even the Wonder Vet, Noel Fitzpatrick, says that we don’t own pets and it is food for thought, that way of thinking.

If you have contemplated it, then have a read of the following. It may inspire you to enter the world of chicken ownership. The good thing is that anyone who starts doing it, either never stops or takes it back up a little down the pine, perhaps after having an upsetting fox related incident.

Before taking the plunge, read the following. It seems obvious and apparent to most people but it is worth thinking about.

Our 13x10x6ft Hen Run. See our Runs Here

You can own a chicken run or a coop, or perhaps both. Here we examine the benefits of owning a Hen Run.

Owning a chicken run has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Poultry farming can include more than chickens.
  2. It doesn’t require much capital to become a poultry farmer.
  3. You don’t need a lot of available space to begin poultry farming.
  4. Poultry farming can be immediately lucrative.
  5. There are fewer maintenance requirements to consider for poultry farmers.
  6. Most poultry farmers do not require a license to get started.

In addition, there are many benefits your flock will enjoy from the addition of a chicken run onto their coop:

  • Encourages natural behaviours
  • Provides protection from predators
  • Provides shelter from weather
  • Provides space for exercise
  • Provides space for dust bathing
  • Provides space for foraging
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