How to Set Up Your Home Gym

The Guide to Setting up your own Home Gym

Many Irish people are deciding to work on their fitness objectives at home in 2022, with the economic crises, people no longer want to or cannot afford to pay gym fees. The COVID pandemic also made people nervous being in a place with a lot of sweaty people.

You might be an experienced athlete, a GAA or Camogie player, or another top level sportsperson. You might just wish to stay active or even get fit. Perhaps you want to designate a certain area for a home gym, or perhaps you’re wondering what gym equipment offers the best value for your money. Another possibility is that you’re genuinely trying to move more, which is a fantastic place to start. To buy gym equipment in Ireland, you need to go to a reputable business. Items such as Treadmills are not cheap so you need to know what you are getting. Check out our Reviews Page to see what people are saying about us. We have been selling Gym Equipment in Ireland for 13 years with Treadmills and Spin Bikes being our speciality.


Your space and equipment requirements will be determined by your fitness objective.

What kind of workout do I enjoy doing the most? Your response can aid in your planning for the size of the area you’ll require and the items you’ll rely on the most.

What does practicing more yoga entail if you enjoy it and have that as a goal? A mat, room to move around on the mat, yoga blocks, straps, and perhaps a way to access internet yoga videos are all likely items.

Perhaps an HIIT workout that alternates between sprinting sprints and weightlifting is your favourite exercise. So you’ll need to decide what treadmill you want as well as what weights you’ll require. You should also think about if your surroundings provide the room you need for the movement that is required.

Locate the ideal location

The location of your home gym will depend on the workouts you intend to perform and the amount of equipment you have. You can make a place in a garage, or an extra bedroom. You can work out in your backyard, driveway, or even a tiny area of your living room.

To protect your floors, decide whether you’ll need a mat or to lay down foam tiles (and your joints, depending on your exercise).

As you proceed, add more equipment.

When you’re motivated, it can be alluring to get all of the glitzy equipment at once, but it’s wiser to add a little at a time, especially as you determine your gym’s location and usage frequency.

You don’t have to buy everything at once. Begin with a few items you know you’ll use right away, then add more as you go. You should have an own home gym. Put things in it that you know you’ll use. You should make your next buy or spend on something more expensive if you discover that you’ve been consistently using your gym or if you’re growing stronger and need higher weights.

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The Basics (inexpensive)

A yoga mat or exercise mat.

Resistance Bands (light, medium, heavy).

Balance ball.

Box, bench, or step bench (something to elevate you).

Wheel ab.

Discs that glide.

Rope jumps.




Suspension Trainer (this staple is great for beginners or before investing in weights).

Dumbbells (light, medium, heavy).

Scalable weights (these can be pricey, but requires less space).

Exercise ball (sandbags are also similar).


Weights on plates and barbells.

Weighted Vest.

Remember that if you don’t have weights, bodyweight exercises can still be quite effective!



Bike for indoor cycling.

Advanced (more expensive)

Boxing bag.

Combat ropes.

Energy tower

Squat holder.

Additional equipment for the home gym

Massager or foam roller.

A fan.



Instead of attempting to read from your phone, use a dry erase or whiteboard to record your workouts.

Storage for athletic gear (like a dumbbell rack or wall mount for a stability ball).

So that is it. That will get you started nicely. Getting all the gear is the easy part, it is then that the real work starts. Good luck! Team

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