Benefits of using Treadmills in Winter

There’s no ignoring it at this time of year, winter is here to stay. You, like me, probably groaned when you had to go through your wardrobe for your winter running clothes. Sure, if you have adequate warm clothing, you could run outside every day during the winter, but sometimes it’s best to stay inside and use the treadmill.

The treadmill is a reliable friend who can help us when mother nature isn’t cooperating.

It’s Just Too Cold Outside.

The first is the most obvious: it might be too cold outside at times.

It is feasible to run outside even when the temperature drops well below zero if you have enough high-tech running gear, but the type of equipment that allows you to do so is pricey. Running outside in a subzero wind chill is risky if you don’t have the proper clothes.

Running enhances your body’s internal heat production, but it also creates wind for you—running ten minute miles on a calm day provides an effective headwind of six miles per hour.

Consider the following scenario:

If the temperature is five degrees and there is no wind, you will experience a wind chill of -5 degrees Fahrenheit just by running!

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The road becomes an ice skating rink when it is covered in snow and ice.

Traction is another common winter running issue.

Puddles on the road can freeze into ultra-slick ice patches when a cold snap is followed by a few days of warmer conditions.

Snow isn’t usually a problem on its own, and many communities do a fantastic job plowing and salting bike routes and roads.

If you’re unsure about the quality of the roads, though, it’s best to stay inside and run on the treadmill, especially if you’ll be doing any quicker running during your workout.

Worse, if a sprinkling of snow falls on them, they become an injury waiting to happen.

When it comes to running workouts, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

Finally, if the weather is too cold or the roads are too slick and you have an important workout or want to be able to hit a specified speed for a run, you should consider doing it on the treadmill.

Some study demonstrates that in cold settings, oxygen consumption increases for a given exercise intensity, according to a review article by Thomas J. Doubt of the United States Naval Medical Research Institute (meaning you are less efficient, and thus get tired more quickly).

This could be due to the fact that cold muscles are less mechanically efficient.

Though wearing the appropriate running clothing should keep your muscles warm, heavy coats and restrictive running pants will undoubtedly reduce your efficiency.

Researchers at the Biomedical Research Institute of Sport Epidemiology in France conducted a statistical analysis of finish times at major marathons and discovered that the average finish time for the top quartile of marathon finishers is slower when temperatures drop below about 40° F, which is when most people start wearing tights or running pants instead of shorts.

The answer is dependent on your workout, the weather outside, and your level of winter running experience. It’s a no-brainer if it’s dangerously cold outside: stay indoors unless you’re sure what you’re doing if the wind chill is below zero.

You should also consider remaining indoors after freezing rain or a brief thaw followed by a cold snap—if the roads aren’t safe to drive on, they aren’t likely to be safe to run on.

Finally, if the temperature is below freezing, you might wish to undertake a truly crucial training, such as a long run with segments at goal marathon pace, on the treadmill, if that is your level.

Play some Music/ Podcasts /Audio Books to get you through

Runners can perform better when listening to music, according to studies, especially when the cadence is high enough to match your step rate.

Music has a significant impact on our mental health. Not only can listening to music make us feel better because we can’t hear how hard we’re breathing or think about how horrible we’re feeling, but it also makes it a little more fun since we can listen to music we like.

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