Poultry Palace Grey – *7 to 10 Birds

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Introducing the Poultry Palace  Grey Chicken Coop. This is brand NEW to the Irish market and exclusive to us at The attractive design is available in four colours, Aqua, Terracotta, Red and Grey. It has a built in coop and has two doors to access your chickens easy and safely. Order yours online or call us on 0214389345 for advice or to order.


Features of the Poultry Palace Grey 

  • Locking Hinged Doors
  • Large door for easy access
  • Easy access ramp for your chickens
  • Fox Proof Catch on Door for safety from predators
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Built to Last
  • Slide out tray for easy cleaning.
  • Built In Run with it’s own door for easy access to your chickens
  • Off the ground living area which means that foxes cannot dig under the coop to get at the birds
  • Covered run section to ensure that the birds stay cool and dry and are comfortable

Specifications of the Poultry Palace Grey 

  • 236cm x 78cm x 133cm / 7.7ft x 2.5ft x 4.4ft
  • Accommodates 7-10 Birds, as specified by RSPCA Guidelines

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Taking Care of your Coop Poultry Palace Grey 

  • You must use a high-quality wood preservative, varnish, roof sealer, or water repellant. This has to be applied within one week of purchase and/or before heavy rain. You must pay particular attention to all of the roof edges, eves, and all joints, this will waterproof your coop and prevent the wood from swelling.
  • Clean out the coop and treat the wood regularly, if this isn’t done, the wood can become brittle and unsightly.
  • You must apply additional coats of wood preserver if the run is going to be kept outside. To ensure your run continues to look great, position it in a protected area that is not fully exposed to the elements.
  • *Note: Regarding the published recommended number of birds per coop, the minimum number refers to birds the size of a Quail and the MAXIMUM refers to the size of an average Chicken, such as a Rhode Island Red. We highly recommend that you check the dimensions to ensure that this coop is the correct size for the number of birds you plan on having. The number we suggest is a guideline only. Check the dimensions of both the run and the housing, to ensure that you are happy with the size.

Remember to only use non-toxic, animal-friendly cleaning and treatment products.

*Send us 5 pictures of the assembled product via WhatsApp or email, for €25 Store Credit, Free! Pictures may be used for promotional purposes and must be sent in within the first 14 days of purchase.*

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5 reviews for Poultry Palace Grey – *7 to 10 Birds

  1. Sheila Fitz (verified owner)

    Got this with a run. Nice build. Quality is good. Instructions were fine. Delivered quick and good price.

  2. Marcus Bradbury (verified owner)

    Highly recommend

  3. T. Ahearne (verified owner)

    Good coop

  4. Juanita Alvarez (verified owner)

    Lovely color. QuIck delivery to us.

  5. Lisa Roberts (verified owner)

    We got ourd delivered in a day. We will send pictures. It looks very nice. The price is unbeatable compared to other online businesses and most of them are UK based.

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