GT-PRO 5000 -16KM/H – Refurbished Display Model – Fully Assembled

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Near Perfect condition. Shrink-wrapped –  Comes Fully Assembled. All surfaces have been fully sanitised

*6-month warranty on all refurbished models*


  • Running Speed: 1km to 16km Per Hour
  • 3.0hp Drive Motor
  • Pulse / Heart Rate Sensor
  • MP3 Function for listening to music
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Multifunction 5-inch LCD Display
  • 12 Preset Programs
  • The treadmill has a set incline


  • Runway Size: 44cm x 125cm or  1′ 5” x 4′ 1”” (W x L)
  • Full Product Size: 178cm x 72.5cm x 128cm or 5” 10′ x 2′ 4” x 4′ 2”’ (L x W x H)
  • Delivery Package Size: 156cm x 77cm x 129cm or 5′ 1” x 3′ 4” x 4’2”” (L x W x H)
  • Max User Weight: 139kg / 21 stone 10 pounds
  • Frame Materials: Heavy-Gauge Welded Steel with Textured Coat Finish
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty


This treadmill brand new with 2 year warranty – GT-PRO 5000 – 16KM/H – 3HP -HEAVY DUTY SEMI COMMERCIAL – 2 YEAR WARRANTY


Delivery in 1-4 Working Days

Out of stock

Near Perfect condition. Shrink-wrapped –  Comes Fully Assembled. All surfaces have been fully sanitised

*6-month warranty on all refurbished models*

We are extremely excited to introduce this all-new design GT-Pro 5000 treadmill, it’s exclusive to – you will not find it available anywhere else but here! With incredible build quality, the very best high quality materials, and all of the features you would expect to find on a top-of-the-range treadmill for home or gym/professional use, and at an incredibly budget friendly price, the GT-Pro 5000 is the perfect choice for anybody looking for the very best in quality, features, and price, when it comes to a treadmill.

The GT-Pro 5000 is one of the top treadmills in the GT-Pro range, offering an extremely powerful 3.0hp drive motor, allowing you to walk or run from speeds of 1km per hour up to 16km per hour (which equates to an extremely fast-paced running speed), and thanks to the high quality materials used in the construction of this treadmill, it can support a user weight of up to 139kg (or 21.8 stone), making this treadmill perfect for everybody, regardless of current weight or fitness levels, the GT-Pro 5000 can accommodate you and your fitness levels and help you to reach the new fitness levels you are trying to achieve.

This treadmill comes fully equipped with everything you need for a productive and efficient workout, featuring all of the latest technologies and conveniences to make your workout as easy as possible. It’s automatic incline lets you feel like you are running up and down hills.

The GT-Pro 5000 has a built in pulse / heart rate monitor, and a multifunctional LCD Display which shows you your current pulse / heart rate, the distance you have travelled, your total workout time, as well as other useful information to help you make sure you are working out in the right zone to achieve your fitness goals.

A lot of people depend on music during those long treadmill sessions, to help inspire them, keep them motivated, and keep them engaged. With thanks to the built in MP3 functionality and the built in speakers, that’s no problem for the GT-Pro 5000 treadmill. Simply load up your playlist and listen to it through the built in speakers while you get your workout.

This treadmill has 12 preset workout programs, ranging from low to high intensity workouts, so when you want to get in a quick exercise session, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own program, simply select one of the preset options and be underway in a few button presses.

If you are planning to purchase the GT-Pro 5000 for home use but are worried that you don’t have much storage space, then fear not, this treadmill folds away to an upright position, taking up minimal space in your home when it’s not in use. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for storage space when it comes to the GT-Pro series!

Foldable base folds vertically, up to the display unit/console.


Automatic Incline Programmes (15 degrees)

Dimensions: 178cm x 72.5cm x 128cm or 5” 10′ x 2′ 4” x 4′ 2”’ (L x W x H)

Runway: 44cm x 125cm or  1′ 5” x 4′ 1”” (W x L)

Treadmill Weight: 56kg or 8 stone 11 pounds

Maximum Weight Limit: 21 stone 10 pounds, or 138kgs

The GT-Pro 5000 comes with free delivery and a 6-month warranty. If you’re looking to improve your fitness with a gym-quality treadmill, then the GT-Pro 5000 is a perfect choice.

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2 reviews for GT-PRO 5000 -16KM/H – Refurbished Display Model – Fully Assembled

  1. Kate Whelan (verified owner)

    Great value. Arrived ready to go and it’s as good as new. Thank you.

  2. eric D (verified owner)

    We wouldnt have known it was a display model. It didn’t even have a depc of dust. Been using it now for a month and not a bother.

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