8/12 Bird Chicken Hen Run

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  • Strong and High-Quality Materials
  • Made with Durable Fir Wood
  • Fox Proof Welded Run Wire
  • Side Door Opening
  • Treated with Anti Fungicidal Stain
  • Easy to Assemble


    • 144 x 63 x 75cm  or 4’9” x 2’1” x 2’6” (L x W x H)
    • Only suitable for our 8/12 Bird Coop
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Availability: 45 in stock

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Chicken Run



This stunning Chicken Coop Double XL Run has been made using only the strongest and highest quality materials. All of our coops and runs have been designed and built by real craftspeople. They are made using durable fir wood. Add this run to most of our hen coops. It will give the perfect combination of a great looking coop and run set. Both are durable and built to last.












  • Our double XL run has a side opening door. Your birds can leave the run easily. This opening also makes it easy to open the front of your coop. This releases your birds into the run, without having to move the run first.
  • The Fir wood has been treated using a water-based anti fungicidal stain. It is both animal and environmentally friendly.
  • All of our products arrive flat packed and are very easy to assemble.
  • Shipping our products flat-packed rather than ready-built is better for our customers, as ready-built products can get damaged easily during transit.
  • It has fox-proof welded run wire, which helps prevent fox attacks. Of course, a fox can still bury under the wire if hens are not locked in the coop. Chicken wire can be buried around the perimeter to help to prevent this.
  • This Run provices a safe and secure place for your birds to exercise outside of their coop.
  • It sits flush, up against our 8/12 bird coop. Thanks to the opening side door, you can reach in and unbolt the door on your coop. This gives your birds direct access to the run. It may not be 100% flush with other Coops.
  • Note: Regarding the published recommended number of birds per coop, the minimum number refers to birds the size of a Quail and the MAXIMUM refers to the size of an average Chicken, such as a Rhode Island Red

Delivery in 1-3 Working Days

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2 reviews for 8/12 Bird Chicken Hen Run

  1. Petr (verified owner)

    The run was good investment. gave the hens a bit of extra more room. It arived the next day.

  2. Brid McCarthy` (verified owner)

    I should have bought this when I got the coop. Have some more hens now so it is a small price to pay.

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