27 X 13FT Commercial

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Heavy Duty  Cover 500 GSM

4.00 m/13FT

8.00 m/27FT


3.15 m.

1.45×2/2.7×2 m.

Velcro door opening in both endwalls.

Strong polyethylene tarpaulin 500 g/m²

Strong polythylene tarpaulin 500 g/m²

Galvanised steel tubes

38×1.1 / 42×1.2 mm

32 – 42



100% Waterproof

113.5 kg.

Ground pegs

Box 1: 55.0 x 30.0 x 70.0 cm.
Box 2: 55.0 x 17.0 x 55.0 cm.
Box 3: 26.0 x 14.0 x 217.0 cm.
Box 4: 27.0 x 14.0 x 199.0 cm.

  • Velcro door openings in both end walls
  • Double Velcro Windstop-system secures a pleasant indoor climate
  • One of our most popular and best-selling marquees
  • Frame with galvanised steel tubes
  • Sidewalls with 8 m. long sections with large Georgian style windows
  • The large windows secure a great inflow of lights
  • Delivery 6-7 days


Marquees are perfect for many different occasions – private events and celebrations as well as professional functions. Our PE Marquees are affordable and a perfect alternative to the normally more expensive marquees in PVC. No matter which marquee you prefer, we offer marquees in many different sizes, qualities and designs.  A beautiful and functional marquee will also be perfect for most kinds of professional events in connection with a fair, a product launch, teambuilding, company picnic and many other events.

The PE marquee PLUS offers a strong construction with a frame made of galvanised steel tubes locked with bolts in combination with a 100% waterproof Polyethylene cover. The Marquee is delivered with detachable sidewalls and end walls. The large Georgian-styled windows along the sides of the marquee provide a beautiful inflow of light.

Please note that our PE marquees PLUS are made for short time use only. The Party Tent Marquees are constructed with an eye for easy assembly and short period use. If your Party Tent Marquee is to be erected for a longer period, we recommend our PVC models or our professional set-up in heavy-duty aluminium and very strong PVC!

We recommend that you buy a Security Pack with storm straps and ground pegs to secure your Marquee in case of windy weather. Be sure to read the general Safety Instruction before you assemble your marquee.

Spare Parts available for your marquee

Any marquee consists of several different parts and even for the most sturdy marquee, accidents happen – or parts get mislaid; this is why we offer you spare parts for your PE marquee PLUS. If at some point you need a spare part for your PE marquee PLUS, go to our shop to find the relevant marquee and look up the missing part(s).

About Inthemarket

Dancover is the leading expert when it comes to marquees and other flexible cover solutions. Today, with our extensive knowledge and experience, we are an industry leader on marquees, party tents and other party supplies.

We also offer everything from affordable PE marquees up to PVC marquees in a professional rental quality. We offer personal service, and our Experts are ready to assist you during opening hours with any questions you may have. Please contact us by phone, email or Chat. – intelligent innovation!


Marquees are made for use at parties and other festive arrangements and are as such only meant for short term temporary assembly and the following disassembly. Please note that the warranty will not apply if used in any other way.


  • Do not put up your tent in extremely bad weather – i.e. strong winds, heavy rain or snow. If you have put up the tent already, be sure to take it down immediately in case of bad weather.
  • In some countries, approval is needed to set up a tent larger than 75 m².
  • It is your responsibility to secure the tent adequately and prevent it from
    • injuring materials and people.
    • Your tent is intended as a temporary form of coverage. It is to be used on an occasional and non-permanent basis only.
    • When it rains, a risk emerges that water pile up on the roof of your tent and causes the tent to collapse. It is your responsibility to keep the roof cover free of water. Be sure that it is fully extended and please remove standing water that builds up during rainfall.
    • When it snows, a risk emerges that snow pile up on the roof of your tent. Heavy snow may cause the tent to collapse. It is your responsibility to remove snow from the roof of your tent and save your tent from damage.
    • Please be sure that your tent is completely dry before you take it down and pack it up. Thus you avoid mould and mildew.
    • Do not pack or unpack your tent at subzero temperatures. Doing so can cause crazing – especially to tent windows in sidewalls.
    • Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other sources of ignition, inside or close to the tent.
    • Please note that the Dancover warranty applies only to the normal use of the product happening in accordance with the written instructions in your manual. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Neither does it cover damage, defect, wear and tear caused by misuse, poor maintenance, abuse, unauthorized modification or exposure to bad weather conditions.
    • We recommend you to check whether your tent is covered by your home contents insurance.
    This structure is not tested for specific snow and wind loads. When it snows, it is your responsibility to remove the snow from the roof of the structure in order to secure it from damage.

2 reviews for 27 X 13FT Commercial

  1. Deirdre M (verified owner)

    Thank you very much Got this for a commumion a few weeks back and it saved us a small fortune. We would have spent more on hiring one and we have leant it to my brother already and it’s a as good as new. Great investment. Lots of good advice in getting it set up too. I’ve already recommended it to friends.

  2. Derry K (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a marquee. They delivered quicker than expected and the marquee is perfect.

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