20 X 10FT Pro Polytunnel With Metal Door – With FREE Hot Spot Tape (4 Rolls)

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  • Extremely Strong and Durable
  • Fully Galvanised Non-Rust Steel Frame
  • 6 Section Frame Design
  • Full Ground Bars
  • Diagonal Storm Bracing Bars
  • Two Longitudinal Roof Bars
  • One Large Roll Up Window on the Side
  • Integral Fly Net Window
  • UV Open Giving Natural UV Levels
  • Speedy Construction with an Easy to Read Assembly Guide


  • 600cm x 300cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
  • 19.6ft x 9.8ft x 6.5ft (L x W x H)
  • 25mm / 1 inch Thick Galvanised Frame

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tents-accessoriesIntroducing the 20x10ft Pro Polytunnel 20×10 ft


Polytunnels provide the perfect growing conditions for most plants, vegetables, and fruits. This allows you to produce your own beautiful crops throughout the year from the comfort of your own garden.

The PT6 Pro Series Polytunnel is one of the best in class, it’s manufactured using a heavy-duty 25mm gauge galvanised steel tube frame which is considerably stronger than many other polytunnel frames on the market.


  • The frame also features a full ground bar set up, with diagonal storm bracing bars to protect your polytunnel structure during stormy weather, two longitudinal roof bars, and a super-wide door, big enough for even the largest of barrows.
  • The PT6 Pro Polytunnel features one large roll-up window which runs along the length of the polytunnel providing excellent ventilation inside the polytunnel, the window also has an integrated fly net to protect your produce from insects and flies.
  • The cover includes a ground skirt for you to securely anchor or weigh down your polytunnel to help keep it secure during high winds.
  • The polytunnel also has UV open characteristics, giving natural UV levels inside the polytunnel to help stimulate rapid growth.

Don’t forget to buy your hot spot tape. It is essential and you will need 4 rolls of our hot spot tape to protect your cover from natural abrasian.

Please note that temperature changes and moisture in the air can cause condensation or dew to appear inside and/or outside of the polytunnel. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that your polytunnel is leaking.

Delivery in 1-3 Working Days

*Send us 5 pictures of the assembled product via WhatsApp or email, for €20 Store Credit, Free! Pictures may be used for promotional purposes.

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10 reviews for 20 X 10FT Pro Polytunnel With Metal Door – With FREE Hot Spot Tape (4 Rolls)

  1. Shane O’Leary (verified owner)

    Very please with it easy assemble. Two of us about 3 hours. Thats included lunch break. Savage warm in them and its not that hot outside. Went for this one as it has the door.

  2. Kayt. S (verified owner)

    i bought this tunnel as a try out before I commit to the usual plastic wrap tunnel……took 2 of us about 4 hours to build (could do with a little better instructions)….absolutely love it, infact ordered a second one within a week..and the two cost me less than half the cost of a plastic wrap…the roll up window design is fab, you use the roll up as a gutter and it collects rain water into a tub so you can fill a watering can “Fantastic”….as i’m sure you can tell I would be more than happy to recommend these tunnels to anyone….

  3. gniomhgoleith1 (verified owner)

    Excellent product at the price; i actually assembled myself over 2 part days bar some help with the cover.

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    I got an amazing product. Thanks for delivering on time

  5. Michelle Keane (verified owner)

    Arrived when promised. Great service and the kids love growing things in the tunnel.

  6. Deirdre Sheehan (verified owner)


  7. Deirdre Sheehan (verified owner)

  8. Brendan Craig (verified owner)

    Excellent product arrived quickly, very easily assembled, highly recommended 100% suits my needs, ideal for the hobby gardener in everyone. Repeat order coming as soon as I make space for another one

  9. Geraldine Griffin (verified owner)

    Got this for our school garden. Very sturdy and loads of room. They have some great articles about Polytnnels as well on their Blog. Delivered quickly and great value.

  10. JennyJ (verified owner)

    Super pollytunnel. Replaced an old one we had with this. The cover is really good quality and we got some great advice from the person who answered the phone. Used 4×2 wood to secure the sides and it’s sturdy out now.

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